When you make blog for success, then you need to create your own unique content. But for success and earning money you also need to drive traffic to blog or website. Visitors are everything that one need to reach to the success. In order to drive more traffic to your blog/website you need to follow 4 steps given below.

drive traffic to blog or website

1. Post comments on other blogs

Blogs are everywhere, there is no shortage of them. Its easy to find blog of your interest. Just bookmark that blog and comment on other’s post. The most interesting comments the more traffic will come to your blog/website. Which also also improves your SEO for blog.

2. Register with blog networks like: BlogCatalog, Technorati and My Bloglog

Its very important for you to share your blog to others. You can start by submitting to search engines. After that you should register with BlogCatalog, Tachnorati and My Bloglog which are some High profile blog networks on the web. Just register with them, let people see your blog/website and get your word out.

While registering with these services you should remember a couple of things:

Create a detailed profile and let people know a little bit about you. Without personal interaction, people may flee quickly.
Tag your blog properly. Tags are really important – They are usually one or two word descriptions of your blog. For example- my blog would fall under categories like: Money, Finance, and Business. Dig around the specific service and look for the popular tags and try to use those tags for your blog. It will allow people who are interested in that topics to easily find your site.

3. Register with several forums

Do you search on Google for the forums which are related to your niche and then register in order to drive traffic to blog or website. Just try to be an active voice in the community. As it also allows you to find out what others are doing and what appealing them.When you register with a forum, don’t forget to fill your profile and make a signature that will be a direct link to your blog. Your signature will be seen in your every post. This will also bring more traffic to your blog/website.

4. Social Bookmarking and Article submission

Social Networking, bookmarking and Articles are all the rage today. Some of the major networks include ‘Furl’, ‘Delicious’ and ‘Digg’. These sites will allow you to bookmark, tag & submit the articles that you think are interesting.  This can definitely helps to drive traffic to blog.

I Hope you like this post about driving traffic to blog / website. Give your views in comment below.

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