Remedies to remove unwanted hairs permanently with natural ways

While we all have hairs on our face which are not so visible but sometimes there is a sudden spurt of growth due to various reasons and this excessive hair growth is known as ‘Hirsutism’.

The most common reason for Hirsutism is normally the harmone imbalance and unfortunately it a long term problem and while you may opt for bleaching, shaving or waxing, as they can’t provide permanent cure.
remove unwanted hairs permanently

Here are best easy remedies to remove unwanted hairs permanently –

Turmeric or Haldi and Gram floor or Besan

In Indian communities, its common that women apply a face-pack made of gram floor and turmeric on their faces or at some portion. Turmeric is also good for other skin problems.
Use turmeric powder with gram floor and mix it with milk and apply paste on face. After it dries, remove it with a warm water with the help of soft cloth.

Sugar Mix

With a home-made wax like substance, we can also remove hairs like waxing. For making the mixture, take a vessal and put a teaspoon of sugar with a teaspoon of honey and few drops of lemon juice. Heat this lightly or just microwave for about 3 minutes and mic it to get a smooth paste. When the paste is still warm, apply that on your face where you want to remove your unwanted hairs.  Cover the area with the cloth and immediately pull the cloth to pluck hairs.

Egg Mask

Another way to pull off hairs like wax is the ‘Egg Mask’. To prepare egg mask, take a one white egg and add one tablespoon of sugar and  half tablespoon of corn floor. Beat to make a smooth paste and then appy on your face. After it gets dry, pull it off inorder to remove unwanted hairs.
If you know another way to remove unwanted hairs permanently, then tell us comment! we will add that in this post.
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