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VigLink believes that making money from blogging should not takes more time than, well, blogging. It  automatically pay bloggers when people buy the brands & products they write about. It works with Popular blogging networks including Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Typepad. Just SignUp, Get Clicked, and Get Paid.

How it works?

It’s technology instantly & automatically captures the value of content that drives commerce. They monetize the ordinary links to over 35,000 retailers, whether they are created by you or VigLink. VigLink’s technology works across sites, apps & social networks so you can focus on your business, earn more and avoid hassle of managing countless affiliate programs.
viglink for bloggers

VigLink in action

1) VigLink convert
It is a simple paragraph of text & this is a simple link added by VigLink’s webmaster. It is just a normal link, unless you click on it. When you click, it automatically convert the link into the link that earns you revenue.
2) VigLink Insert
Now, you might find it alittle bit random that it has just started talking about the Nikon D7000 which is the really great camera, but stick with it here, it is just trying to demonstrate the link insertion technology. See, this second link was not actually added by VigLink’s webmaster. That link was added by the this site Insert automatically and yes it will also earn revenue.

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