Android is strong competitor of Apple’s iOS. Android has became most popular smartphone OS (Operating System) these days. Many mobile phone makers are using Android for there devices. Reasons behind that is the flexibility and easiness provided to the users. There’s a lot to do with your Android smartphone. There are more useful Android Hacks and Secrets that you can learn for your device.

In this Article, I am going to show top Android hacks, tips and tricks, and secrets, that will be useful for you.

10 Best Android Hacks & Secrets

#1. Smart lock

You can also un-lock your smartphone with a NFC or Bluetooth enabled device such as car stereo, an NFC sticker or even your smart watch. If your Device is near to your blue tooth enabled device, then it will automatically recognize that it is a trusted source and unlock automatically. In order to turn this ON, head to the Settings >> Security >> Smart Lock and there add your bluetooth device.

#2. Improve performance

While Android devices can do much-more than the iOS, it just requires high performance for running smoothly. But, you cannot do much for upgrading your tablet or smartphones’s processor(barring a new purchase). Similar to PC, Android devices can also be speed up. There are various apps that can helps you, such as All-In-One Toolbox. With the help of these type of apps, you can do stuff like deleting unused, old apps, removing widgets you do not use and clean unwanted processes on your own. For doing that, simply go to settings> apps> running> and manually end apps that are taking too much RAM memory.

#3. Use power saving mode

Most of the Android phone manufacturers have also added some form of power saving mode. As a result, you can automatically shutdown the specific apps when your device’s battery dwindles below the predetermined level.

The Latest Android Lollipop has a built-in battery saving option. If you cannot find the power saving option, just install an app like Juice Defender.

#4. Take Screenshots

It is the easiest things to do on a PC: Just click the Print Screen button in order to take screenshots. It is just that simple on your Android smartphone, too! But, you had be surprised how many users do not know how to do this simple trick. It is as-easy-as pressing the Power as well as Volume-down button at same time.

The screenshot will then appear in your gallery. It is one of the awesome Android hacks.

#5. Ensure You Will Find Your Lost Phone

There is no any guarantee if you will get your Android phone or tablet back after letting that placed at public place. Well, you can improve the chances of getting it back by simply editing your security settings. Just go to settings, after that security, and then owner info. There you will see a little-box where you can type your contact information that will show on the lock-screen. It will make it easier for a good person to return the lost device to is real owner.

#6. Add Multiple Google Accounts

You have to create a Google account in order to use an Android smartphone, but do you know that you can also run more than one Google account on your device. For adding multiple Google-accounts –

  1. Simply head to Settings >Add Account.
  2. Choose Google and set up your Existing or New Google account.
  3. Once it added, Select what you want to sync with that account.

Repeat all above steps if you wants to add more Google accounts.

#7. Turn on ‘5.1 Surround Sound’

You will be glad to that you can have cinematic experience simply by turning on the built in 5.1 surround sound in latest Lollipop. To turn On this feature, go to Google Play Movies app >> Settings and then select surround sound. There will also given option for a surround sound demo if you wants to test it out.

#8. Use a 3rd-party keyboard app

Sometimes it is easier to swipe than typing. You are not restricted to the Google’s keyboard in Android as there are many keyboard apps available in the Google Playstore. Swype app, let you type the words by swiping to each letter. It is one of best Android hacks

#9. How To Check Android System Updates

For the Android users who are using stock ROM on their devices, may want to look for the new updates for their smartphones or tablets. For checking updates –

  1. Head to Settings >>About Tablet/Phone.
  2. Tap System Updates.
  3. Then tap – Check now for latest system updates.

#10. Tap to Wake Screen

You will no longer have to press Power button to wake-up your device. Now all you need to do is double-tap on the home screen and lock screen will get appear.

This article shows best Android hacks, tips & tricks, and secrets that you can apply on your Android device. If you know any other Android hacks, let us know in comments!


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