According to Think With Google, 50% of consumers say it all came down to the image when deciding which products to buy online. In essence, this means a product image can help double your sales when it comes to e-commerce.

Creative product photography can make even the most boring products seem appealing. That’s why the automotive industry has leaned heavily on attractive models in its marketing for so long.

Keep reading for our best product photography tips that go beyond the obvious to attract attention online and increase your sales.

Product Photography Basics

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Images can’t sell your products on their own. Shoppers still need to know some basic information about what they’re buying, e.g. materials, uses, and sizes available.

Product descriptions are the final step before consumers click the buy button – article source. So, you must consider this text when designing your product pictures.

Aspirational photographs showing how the item can enhance the consumer’s life work well to highlight its uses as well as the wearer’s desirability. For instance, a particular color of nail polish always looks better applied to a lovely pair of hands than it does just sitting there in the bottle.

You can even take things further by featuring carefully chosen jewelry on those perfectly manicured fingers to imply the wealth or desirability of the wearer.

Creative Use of Images

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Product photography lighting plays a major role in how good things look on screen. You can use it to create haunting shadows or highlight some aspect of the item’s appeal.

Other great product photography ideas include:

  • Positioning your product uniquely
  • Blurring the background
  • Positioning the item on a reflective surface
  • Displaying an unusual use for the product
  • Placing it against an interesting background
  • Adding dramatic visual effects in the editing phase

Remember, there’s a chance your product image could come up in an image search on Google, so make sure it stands out from the rest.

Try Some Macro Shots

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Image shot at extreme close-up range highlight the quality and finer details of your product. For instance, detailed stitching on a piece of leatherwork or tiny bubbles in a bottle of soda.

Be sure to include them as part of a series of photos, consumers still need an overall view of the product before they decide. Using a range of photographs also gives you more chances to appeal to a wider audience or highlight more features of your product.

Picture-Perfect Marketing

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a marketer, it’s vital to stay on top of the latest trends in product photography. Browse other online stores and magazines for ideas, or try a brainstorming session with your peers to get your creative juices flowing.

You can use these product picture tips as a starting point for refurbishing your e-commerce site one image at a time and as inspiration for interesting ideas. You’ll soon discover which techniques work best for your target market.

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