Random Video Chat is best way to kill your time by communicating with others. In free time, you can either listen to songs, watch movies, social networking, etc. Sometimes you like to talk to people far away from you or wants to share your problems with strangers. For that, there are many online platforms for doing random video chat with unknown people.

This is one of the interesting ways to spend your free time. Its always fun to talk to strangers and ask them about their countries and culture. People who like to collect information about different things like traditions and culture, are suggested to use random video chat sites.

Top Random Video Chat Sites

#1. Chatroulette

chatroulette random video chat

Chat-roulette is the most famous random video chat site. They continuously made changes to their system, like recently they do not let you transmit an adult or nude content on their platform, which made this site safer for fun-chat. The great part is that you can search for people having only webcam and also you can personalized your search according to the country. Users can also set their profile and this will help the strangers to know them prior to start the conversation.

#2. AirTime

airtime random video chat

Airtime is one of the un-official Facebook apps for video chatting, but I find that it the best because it is not having any adult content on it. One of the main problem with random video chat sites is, that you will find too many mature & adults content and you have to close or skip such kind of chat window. Here, you can easily do video chat with the people having common interest. This app, uses your Facebook page likes & interest to find the random people to make video chat.

#3. Omegle

omegle random video chat

Omegle is best famous for the video pranks as quick search on ‘YouTube’ will let you find various funny Omegle pranks. Here, you can find many interesting unknown people to talk to & to meet. Unfortunately, this website does not filter the adult content so, either avoid this one or you should be at least 18+ before using this site. They are also having an iPhone and iPad app, which supports only text-based random anonymous chat, which you can download from smartphones.

Sometimes, these random video chat sites become very addictive to anyone like any Social networking sites, so you should make sure that you don’t kill your time much on these sites.

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