Well the most annoying thing about Facebook games is the requests that one receive from others. Yes, these requests annoying the users again and again. Facebook games appear to determine their backbone by being truly addictive – Candy Crush Soda Saga, for instance, has in excess of 10 million clients. That is many individuals who play Candy Crush Soda Saga, yet Facebook has in excess of 800-million dynamic clients, so that means ton individuals don’t play CCSS.

Numerous diversions rope new players in through present players, with impetuses. Initiate your companions to play, and you’ll get attributes or development all the more rapidly to the following level. The result is amusement demands. It appears like the two run of the mill reactions to diversion solicitations are to smile and bear it, or compose a letter grumbling about it and/or debilitating to unfriend the guilty parties.

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Unfortunately, grumbling has a tendency to fail to receive any notice, and un-friending, while unequivocal, is a bit compelling (unless you totally couldn’t care). There is a more refined arrangement, and its been there from the beginning for a long while now.

Blocking Requests by the Game or Person

The Facebook site is huge and occupied, so there’s a ton going on that you can miss. Anyhow the controls are all there, on the off chance that you know where to look. Along the left of your newsfeed are all your different route helps and settings. Under the Apps heading, you need to click the “Games” link.


There are two links given at the top: Games and Activity. You need to click on the “Activity” link and after that “Invites.”


There are two ways to block the request. Click the “Ignore All” beside each game, or you can click the X alongside the Accept button to block users and the games. Of the two systems, the second one is favored.


On the off chance that you click “Ignore All,” then you can block any game.

When you block any game, a dialog box will be appear asking you to confirm or cancel. Obviously, you wants to click confirm.

Utilizing the favored system, click the X beside the sender’s name to see these alternatives. The primary option is to block the game, which will incite the dialog in the previous screenshot. The second choice, which permits you to disregard all requests from a particular client, is the place where real magic happens.


This is a more pleasant, gentler option to un-friend, and the individual being blocked will be none the wiser.


It’s essential to recall that blocking the application, doesn’t block the sender and vice/verse. Mostly there is only one game that everybody is playing, which makes blocking the application much easier. Then again, some individuals never learn and continue to spam friends relentlessly with requests. In any case, you can deal with all your requests in effective style.

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