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Are you having a lot of apps on your android device? Do you want to apps in notification center ? If yes, then i can help you to add apps in notification center in android smartphone or tablet.

A free app, known as Bar Launcher, allow users to add applications to the notification bar on the status bar on an Android smart-device. To install the Bar Launcher, open Play Store from your Home screen. Search ‘Bar Launcher’ app from the search bar and click Install button. This will install Bar Launcher on your android device.

Once get installed, click the Open button (You can also open this app from home-screen of your device). In the app, you will see a big “+” sign at the bottom right hand side of the screen. Click that icon and then select the app that you wants to add to your notification center from the list.

After selecting apps for appearing apps in notification center, you can also rearrange them in the order you want.

NOTE: Remember to switch the OFF/On button so that it goes ON.

You can also remove apps from that list by simply sliding it in either way – right side or left side. When you have finished setting the list of your apps, click on the Home button from your device to return back to your Home screen.

Now, when you swipe down your status bar, sliding to the left side will show the apps you choose to display on notification tray of the status bar in the same order as you specified in the Bar Launcher app. You can also customize the Bar Launcher further by simply adding rows & specifying where on to the notification bar the apps have to display. Just go back in Bar Launcher, click the menu button in the upper right hand corner & then select ‘Settings.’ That screen allow you to specify whether the ‘Bar Launcher’ icon is shown in notification center, change the priority or position of apps on the status bar and also change the color of arrows according to your choice.

If you press turn off ‘Icon’ check box, that gonna remove the icon from the notification tray.

NOTE: If you select to hide Bar Launcher icon from the notification bar, a blank space will still display in its place until the app gets uninstalled.

The ‘Priority’ setting from the app allows you to specify where the app bar is to be placed on the status bar. ‘Maximum priority’ will place the app bar on the top of the notification bar. If you wants the apps below the notifications, select ‘Normal priority.’ And if you wants to place the apps below all the notifications, select ‘Minimum priority.’

I hope you get help of adding apps in notification center from this post. Remember to uninstall the app if you wants to remove empty apps bar from the notification center after switching off the app.

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