One of the best marketing strategies for any brand is to opt for online video advertising. If you have a great following on social media and you generate lots of traffic to your website, you’ll find that video content is the finishing touch you need.

Video remains the most popular form of content that internet users enjoy. Particularly with the new generation, you can expect to see more users flock toward watching videos.

So how do you create effective video advertisements?

This short guide will give you the video marketing tips you MUST know to grow your brand.

Your company name and logo should prominently feature throughout your video ad. You want to remind your viewers of which company they should go to.

For example, Coca-Cola ads always have several scenes of people drinking from a Coke bottle or can. In every frame, you will see that the Coca-Cola logo is prominently displayed. Even a furtive glance cannot miss the logo in a Coca-Cola ad!

You need to make sure you do this with all of your video ads. The end of the video ad should also show your company name, logo, and a way to engage with you. The latter can be a website address, physical store address, or phone number/email address.

2. Free Stuff Always Works

This is often overlooked by many brands, but you should consider giving away goodies through online video advertising.

For example, you can tell your viewers to call a number or visit a website to receive a promotional item from your product catalog. For example, you can go to to create a button with your company’s logo.

You can offer instructions on how viewers can receive the button through your video ad. This will compel them to engage with your brand and keep it in mind for the future.

3. Influencers

You don’t have to make it big to have an influencer in your video ad. They can bring credibility to your brand. Social media influencers are especially great for promoting your brand or a product/service that you offer.

As there are different levels of influencers, you don’t have to worry about breaking your bank in hiring one. If you run a small business, you can find a “micro-influencer” to promote your brand.

For example, if you want to share your ad as an Instagram post, you should first reach out to a popular Instagram influencer who can promote your brand. You would ask them to create their own video discussing your brand. This video can be added as a portion of your own video.

An influencer will also promote the ad on their own social media profiles. This will give your brand increased exposure.

Use These Online Video Advertising Tips

Now that you know the most important online video advertising tips, you can implement them for your brand’s video ads. Make sure to take the time to create your ads and promote them on as many channels as possible.

Don’t forget to share these tips with your fellow entrepreneurs and business owners.

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