Business owners know that if they don’t have customers, they don’t have a business. And it’s impossible to have customers if people don’t know your business exists.

About 14% of businesses will outsource marketing and advertising. That means that the vast majority of businesses choose to handle marketing in-house.

If you handle marketing yourself, you have to make sure that you know how it works. That starts by choosing the right marketing tactics.

Here are a few of the basics that can help you grow your following

1. Search Advertising

One way to quickly get highly targeted traffic to your website is by using pay-per-click ads. These are ads that appear at the top of search results for the search terms that you specify.

For example, you can target people within a specific location who are searching for your services. You can target people who are ready to buy now or are researching products or services.

You do have the ability to set your budget for these ads. However, if you’re going to bid on highly competitive search terms, you should be prepared to spend more.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Would you prefer to get to the top of the search results organically? Search engine optimization can do that. There are a lot of factors that go into search results, and you need to optimize your website to be found by search engines.

For starters, you need to have a secure website by having an SSL certificate installed. Your site also needs to be fast and ready for mobile devices. You should also have the appropriate tags that tell search engines what your site is about.

3. Networking

Digital marketing is great, but there’s nothing that beats face-to-face contact. Networking is still worthwhile and profitable.

The trick is to find the right networking groups that will help you generate business. These can be professional groups or chambers of commerce.

Once you do find a few groups to promote your business, you have to show up to meetings on a consistent basis. That’s how people will remember you and your business. They’ll also be more likely to trust and recommend you.

4. Social Media

Businesses depend on social media for leads and sales. Customers use social media to find new products and services. It seems like a perfect match, right?

Not always. Businesses can easily drop the ball on social media or just do it poorly. Brands that do well on social media are interactive and have personality.

That makes the company relatable and fun. People that can relate to a brand are more likely to buy from that brand.

Companies that do poorly do so for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that the company is constantly promoting sales. It comes across as a desperate plea to get people to buy.

The second reason why companies do poorly on social media is that they choose the wrong channels. They also post low-quality images that aren’t appealing.

5. Direct Mail

Does direct mail still work? It sure does! Direct mail is great if you want to reach an audience in a specific location. Local businesses such as gyms, real estate agents, landscapers, and retailers can benefit from direct mail.

Custom printed mailers can be used as a way to show off your eco-friendly values and market your business.

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to reinforce other marketing strategies. Your marketing tactics will reach people at various stages of the buying cycle. Some people will be ready to make a purchase right away.

Others will need more time to make a purchase. They may not be aware they have a need for your product or service yet.

Email marketing helps you provide value to your potential customers, remind them of your services, and develop trust.

When people are ready to make a purchase, they’ll already be aware of and trust your company above the others. This will make them more likely to buy from you.

7. Billboards

Billboards are great for creating awareness on a large scale. To make a billboard campaign work, you have to make it interesting.

Ask a question or have a tag line that directs people to a website for more information. You also need to have your billboards placed in locations that have a high amount of traffic.

8. Affiliate Marketing

What if you can get others to sell your products for you? That’s what affiliate marketing does. You sign up others to sell your products and you give them a small commission for each sale they bring.

If you have a digital product or eCommerce store, you can use affiliate sites like ClickBank or ShareASale to list your product.

9. Sponsorships

Sponsorships are another form of marketing that you can implement to drive awareness of your business. You can sponsor anything, from your local baseball team to a major conference.

When you seek out sponsorships, you want to make sure that you sponsor events and teams that will reach your target market.

10. Referrals

Most businesses depend on word of mouth marketing for their business. You can wait for referrals to come in or you can find ways to encourage your customers to give referrals to you.

You can have a rewards program for your customers where they get a gift card for each referral they bring to the business.

The Most Effective Marketing Tactics

This list of marketing tactics scratches the surface of ways you can market your business.

While these marketing tactics are incredibly effective, you still have to understand the basics of marketing to make them work for you.

You have to know your target audience and why they should buy from you over your competition. You also have to craft messages that speak to your audience so your company seems relatable.

No matter which marketing tactics you choose, commit to doing them consistently. That’s how you’ll get the best results over time.

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