We are living in an era full of information. It’s possible to gain knowledge from books, websites, blogs, universities. But more and more people choose to save money and time buying online courses.

Most of them are cheap, they aren’t that long and you have permanent access to them. You can’t rewind the moments from the lectures you visited or from the conversations you had.

The good news is that you can watch your online courses WHENEVER you want and you can repeat them infinity times.

best websites for online courses

Best websites that sell online courses:

1. StraighterLine

This high-class platform helps students to save a lot of money by giving reasonable choices at a reduced value.

They  transfer you to the eighty completely different schools enclosed in their special network of schools and universities.

The colleges in their network are over 130 so the students can’t complain about not having enough choices. They have a membership of 99$ a month which is pretty reasonable.

2. Udemy

This platform is well-known to everyone who has taken at least one online course. They offer over 25 000 courses on every possible topic including web design, photography, writing, programming, etc. It has over 6 million active students.

3. Lynda

That’s another membership website. All their members have unlimited access to their 3000+ courses.

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4. Coursera

They offer around 1000 FREE from the world’s top universities.

You can learn every possible subject – from business and finance to music theory.

5. Canvas Network

This platform has a lot of free courses too. But what is different about them is that they have a special learning management system. Canvas uses cloud technology to create adaptable learning experiences for students.

6. Iversity

They are an innovative platform which uses interesting teaching methods. The main goal of inversity is to help all of us with the learning process. Much of the courses is free to use, and students earn a certificate when they finish a course.

Now let’s see which are the websites that are specialized in the tech and programming industry.

1.  Codeacademy

This interactive platform teaches coding only. They help you to learn with fun and pleasure. You won’t get bored with all the codes, believe me. They even help you to build your own website by the end of their courseworks.

2. Treehouse

They offer tech courses that vary from beginner to adadvanced level. Treehouse has a community of students and teachers that are always ready to help.

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3. Learnable

Learnable is perfect for people who dream of better-developing skills.  Their database includes over 5000 courses that guarantee their students better knowledge in coding and developing in general.

4. Udacity

This is a high-standard platform designed by some of the biggest companies including Google, Facebook, AT&T and more. Their courses are about information technology and computer science. These are the best platforms for free and paid online courses. I hope you find the right courses for you. Use these opportunities as much as you can. Many of the online courses can bring you a lot of value with almost no charge.

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