If you would like to use someone’s Wi-Fi without acknowledging him or her you are on the right track.

For the Indian residents internet is so cheap nowadays because all you need is to buy a jio sim card. In case you still decide to hack your neighbour’s Wi-Fi network or the college network or even you are ready to learn you can continue reading.

It may seem complex in the beginning but your persistence will bore you fruits and I am very sure that you will thank me at the end.

There are several hacking systems but I always prefer the kali Linux operating system for hacking. Kali Linux operating system has the best soft to crack Wi-Fi (aircrack-ng) and other installed tools that are crucial in Wi-Fi hacking.

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There are only six types of Wi-Fi security available in the market

  1. MAC ADDRESS Filtering
  2.  HIDDEN Network
  3. WPA2 security
  4. OPEN Network
  5. WEP Security
  6. WPA Security

Is it possible for android to hack Wi-Fi?

Android can only hack the WPS wifi security, this is the truth and it will always remain to be, if anyone tells there is a way to hack any other type of security using android it will be a total lie

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Why android can only hack one security type?

The main issue with android is that wireless card cannot support monitor mode. Monitor mode is crucial in cracking wifi network for instance you cannot hack WPA without it.

How does FIND s Hack Wi-Fi password?


 WEP is an abbreviation for Wired Equivalent Privacy. This was the first wifi security to be discovered in 1999 and its crack within the same year. crack within the year.

It is very simple to crack WEP if at all you capture the initialization vector. There is an initialization vector send over all the network and once you capture it you will crack WEP password. There is no importance of knowing the whole thing because Aircrack-ng will do magic for you.

The cracking process may take between 20-30 minutes regardless of how strong password is used by your victim.

The aircrack-NG software does not only hack the WEP security but also other passwords like WPA, WPA2A. It is available for both windows and Linux.  

In the case of Window: the window user does not need to run commands because it is Graphical User Interface (GUI). There are no restrictions recarding the type of windows you are using i.e. 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 in all windows the installation process to hacking will take between 4-9 hours.

In the case of Linux: it does not matter the Linux distribution you are using all you need is airtrack. Use this link to know how to install aircrack-ng any Distribution.


Upon discovering that it was so simple to crack WEP, Wi-Fi protected access WPA was discovered thus it is more secure than WEP, because the WEP algorithm is weak but the WPA algorithm is strong enough. It is possible to hack WAP using the following two methods;

  • Word List Attack

Word List Attack: with this the hacker creates a wordlist or dictionary using a software like crunch. The hacker should just give some instructions to crunch on how to create wordlist like length of character needed, words max/min length etc. on making the wordlist a software is required which applies this words as password. Aircrack can try 900 words/second and above depending on system configuration used.

 Fluxion attack: With fluxion attack connection is established when the user enters the correct password.

If the user enters the wrong password then he/she will not able to use Wi-Fi network until he did not use the correct password.


This is whereby only the allowed devices are able to connect the network. Devices which are not allowed to connect the network can only view the Wi-Fi network but they cannot connect to the network.

Each and every allowed device has its own identity the same way we have our own names the same way devices have Mac address. The main admin uses Mac address to allow only his/her device to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Mac address can only be changed temporary.

To bypass this security hacker just need to know connected device Mac address and then you can change your device Mac address. Then the system allows you to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Once the system has allowed you to connect to the Wi-Fi all the connected devices in a particular network will be identified by Kali. Upon identifying all the connected devices the user can change the mac address using mac changer.

 Window Tutorial: If you are window user sorry you have to know mac address of allowed device manually mean I don’t know how you will find mac address.

Linux Tutorial: Linux is always preferred for hacking. If you are not running Kali Linux install aircrack-ng first (search on Google). After installation follow this process 

Android tutorial: If you are an android user then you have to find mac address like window user. You have to root your phone. After rooting you can change mac address using Wi-Fi mac changer app

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  • Hidden network

 As clear from this name it is hidden nobody can’t see it or connect it after turning on your Wi-Fi you have to enter network name manually.

In windows os then there is hidden Wi-Fi network available then os will show you a symbol of the hidden network. If you try to connect to the network then it will ask you Wi-Fi network name.

Moral there is no benefit of hiding Wi-Fi network.  I mean if people find there is a hidden Wi-Fi network then first they will try to guess Wi-Fi network name.

If not they will search on the Google and read this article to learn how to hack Wi-Fi network. I don’t like this Wi-Fi security.

  • WPS enabled

 WPS is an abbreviation for wireless protected Setup but it will insecure your network. This is whereby there is 8 digit pin you can use as password.

One should enter the eight digits for the router while connecting, the router checks the first 4 digits alone and the other four digits separately making it easy to crack by brute force attack..

Using pixie dust with Reaver WPS Wi-Fi can be hacked in 40 minutes.

Linux tutorial: with Linux you just need to type some commands. Linux is the best known hacking type.  WPA-PSK pin code can be gotten by aircrack-ng software thus, there is no need to install in kali and backtrack.

Window user: you can crack this within 5 minutes or less. Install win cap and jumpstart in your window [10, 8, 8.1 etc.]

Android tutorial: WPS Connect is the only app which can help you to bypass this. It is freely available in Google play store but makes sure that your Android version is at least 5.0 mean Lollipop and phone is rooted.

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