Want to do family planning? If yes, then read the article carefuly. Fertility awareness is a method of contraception a woman uses to monitor and record fertility signals during the menstrual cycle in order to determine whether she is likely to get pregnant. Many women find themselves in cases whereby they are already pregnant, but they had not planned for the pregnancy. This may cause conflicts in the families, feeling like a failure and also attempting to conduct abortions which is illegal in most countries.

To avoid all this misfortunes I have brought you three natural family planning methods you can use at the comfort of your room without incurring any expense. If you would like to determine how you do family planning naturally at the comfort of your home without incurring any,  cent i can assure you are in the right track.

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How does fertility awareness work?

Fertility awareness involves identification of signs and symptoms during the menstrual cycle in order to plan for pregnancy or avoid pregnancy.

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For effective fertility awareness a lady must monitor the three fertility signals below;

  1. Monitor the duration the menstruation cycle takes.
  2. Monitor your daily readings of your body temperature
  3. Identify if there are any changes in your cervical secretions.

Here are three Family Planning Methods:

Monitor the duration the menstruation cycle takes

Menstrual cycle lasts from the first day your period begins to the last day before your next menstrual cycle. Averagely the duration is most likely to be 28 days but there are some special cases of longer and shorter cycles taking between, 21 to 40 days, but they are also normal.

During the cycle, the ovaries releases through a process called ovulation and the egg travels down the fallopian tube. The ovulation process normally takes place 10-16 days before your next period. Normally a second egg is released after 24 hours upon the first ovulation process.

After the ovulation process the life span of the released egg is 24 hours and a perm must meet the released egg for fertilization and hence, pregnancy happens.

After the released egg has met the sperm it takes two days for the woman to get pregnant. In case you had sex 7 days before ovulation process takes place, you are also capable of getting pregnant because a sperm has a life span of 7 days inside the woman’s body and for that reason it meets and fertilizes the released egg.

If a woman tracks the menstruation cycle she will be able to know when she is mostly fertile, in some cases the menstrual cycle may vary from time to time thus, you should be as precise as possible to measure your cycle over the course of 12 months.

Monitor your daily readings of your body temperature

After ovulation there is always a small rise in the body and that’s why temperature method is useful in determining ovulation. In identifying your temperature level you need to use a digital thermometer or the thermometer designed specifically for measuring fertility awareness but the ear and forehead thermometers are inaccurate for measuring fertility.

.With this method you are required to take your temperature every morning before you get out of you bed that is before drinking or eating anything or even smoking, and it should be done ideally every morning and at the same time.

Be keen on your temperature when the temperature is higher than all the previous 6 days. The temperature increase may be very small mostly between 0.2C to 04C. It is most likely that you are infertile at this time.

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Identify if there are any changes in your cervical secretions

During different times in your menstrual cycle there is a change in the amount and texture of your cervical secretions. During the cycle you should check this gently by placing your middle finger into your vagina and pushing it up to around your middle knuckle. During the first three days of your menstruation period you will notice that your vagina is dry and you cannot feel any mucus.

You find that you start producing mucus that is moist, sticky, white and creamy when your hormone levels rise to prepare your body for ovulation. This is the indication of fertile period during your menstruation cycle.

You should note that immediately before ovulation begins the mucus gets wetter, clearer and slippery and at this point is when your most fertile and you can easily get pregnant if you have unprotected sex.  With time the mucus start being thicker and sticky and three days after you find that you are no longer fertile.

I hope this post provides you knowledge about 3 natural methods of family planning. You may use these options according to your need.

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