Yoga is an activity to reduce stress and anxiety which encompasses common relaxation techniques. It enhances mindfulness and reduce feelings of nervousness by bringing physical and mental disciplines that will help you achieve peacefulness of body and mind.

Now Let’s look at the top 10 ways how yoga helps to reduce your mental stress and Anxiety

yoga helps to reduce stress

#1 Reduces your Worry and Nervousness

Whenever we are getting stuck in our heads by experiencing some stress and chronic worries are getting exhausted and we feel frustrated with ourselves, Yoga gives us the opportunity to control these mind thoughts and letting go out of the worries and come back to our body and breath properly and feel Fresh and happy.

#2 Regulate the Breath and mind thoughts

Our body breath is connected to our body’s nervous System so when we are getting anxious and feel stressed, we tend to take shallow breaths, and might be unconsciously hold our breath and may take big gulping breaths. By Practicing Yoga, we can make breath slowly and deepen our breathing which can soothe the nervous system and it also teach us to breath with awareness and direct our attention to breath while doing yoga asanas.

#3 Lowers tension and promotes Relaxation to the Mind

Excessive muscular tension leads to uneasiness in the body and mind gets frustrated and involved in many thoughts. By practicing the yoga, we can lower the body tension and experience relaxation in the mind which can help to develop control on the Anxiety and depression.

#4 Demonstrates Self Compassion

When we’re stressed and busy, we didn’t realize the importance of health fitness which comes from exercising, eating nutritious food and getting enough sleep. When we are doing Yoga activities, we feel the value of well being and realize the health fitness is as important as we are doing other works in our day to day life.

#5 Fosters Self-Acceptance

It’s something that comes across very clearly in the Yoga to accept our bodies, abilities, and limits just as they are. By practising yoga activities, we feel more self-confident, more aware of our inner self and look at other people positively and hence we accept the mistakes done by us and forgive it quickly and does not hold any grudges for others.

#6 Builds Muscle Strength

Practising Yoga activities daily makes your muscles strong and makes clothes looks good on your body. It also protects us from health problems like arthritis and back pain, lowers the levels of stress hormone cortisol and it may help to maintain Calcium in the bones.

#7 Improves your body Flexibility

If you Stick to practising yoga asanas, you will notice a gradual loosening of the body weight. By doing some of the stretching yoga activities you can get rid of the pains in the leg joints, hips gets slimmer and body starts to get in good posture.

#8 Increases blood flow in the body

Relaxation exercises while doing yoga increases your blood circulation which increases oxygen in your body cells. It will boost levels of haemoglobin and red blood cells which carries oxygen to the tissues of your body and maintains the heart healthy. So, it lowers the risk of heart attacks and strokes by cutting the levels of clot promoting proteins in the blood.

 #9 Lowes blood Sugar and get rid of Diabetes

In People having diabetes Yoga activities found to lower blood sugar by lowering cortisol and adrenaline levels, improves sensitivity to the effects of insulin and helps in weight loss. It also lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and boost good cholesterol (HDL).

#10 Boosts our body Immune system

By Practising yoga asanas and pranayama, it probably improves your immune system and so far meditation is the most effective scientific support in this area. It is also beneficial in raising the antibody levels in response to the vaccines and lowering it when required.

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