Today, Android smartphones are more preferable than windows and ios phones. The reason behind that is the great number of apps available in the Google Play Store which is the default market in the Android. Great aspect is that more than 60% Apps are paid and only 40% Apps are free for the users. However, only few users know about the Google Play Store alternative known as “Blackmart Alpha“. But they don’t even know about the “MoboMarket” that is the best alternative for Play Store which even allow users to download Paid Apps for free. 
MoboMarket Android

MoboMarket, a marketplace which is developed and designed by is one of the leading options to Google Play Store. MoboMarket is full of several intelligent features that give the Android users flexibility and a new smartphone experience. 

As MoboMarket hosts its own content for the users to download, it is unavailable for download from the Play Store but requires a third party installation process. The entire setup for this market-place is easily available on its default website. Users can easily download and install it in their smartphones without much efforts

MoboMarket do not require any sign up or account sync procedures like the Play Store after installing. The users can directly start browsing through the market-place and install the applications they need. This easy to use app thus ensure the users a free gateway without any marketing or the advertising gimmicks.

MoboMarket becomes one of the widely used Application stores other than the Google Play Store. Today, it has more than 100 million users around the world, 45 million daily distributions and near about 6 million daily active users.
Download Link for MoboMarket is Below:

New Way to Download Free Apps - MoboMarket  3.0 Now Released

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