strati 3d printed car

If you wants to buy a car, you first have to booked it from the showroom and then you have to wait for a long time. This long time will be whether in weeks, months, or years. But you will be surprise to know that you can manufacture a single car in just only 24 hours.

Yes, that’s true as you can manufacture a car with the help of a 3D Printer. This 3D printed car hardly takes 24 hours to manufacture with the help of shipping-container sized 3D printer. In fact, the Strai is the first 3D printed electic car in the world. The Strati takes four and a half month to get fully manufacture – from designing to finishing process.

Rogers, the CEO of the Local Motors (Local Motors is manufacturer of the Strati) also said that their future upgrades will be able to manufacture these eco-friendly cars in less than six weeks.

3D printed car hardly has 49 parts unlikely other cars which are having thousands of parts. The parts of the Strati are mostly made up of a single material, carbon-fibre reinforced thermoplastic. Parts that are manufactured by the 3D printer includes, chassis and seats which are made from carbon-fibre reinforced thermoplastic because this material has same strength as the mid-grade Aluminium and the parts like wheels, steering, engine and suspensions are not made in the 3D printer.

Company also said that, the Strati will be available with-in the next 12 months. As its pure electric car, 6.1 kwh battery generates 56-Nm of torque which takes around 3 and half hours to get fully charge & boosts to run at the 100Km/Hr. The top speed of the car is 80Km/Hr which is also amazing.

With this great invention, its sure that it will become our future car which will be eco-friendly.

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