Google this wednesday announced a new Email app known as Inbox. You already have a Gmail app on your phone but it will not get replaced by Inbox. It is just the another option of viewing Gmail on your Smartphone. Many features have been changed or improved in this new Inbox. With this Evolution new challenge comes up. But It will take a while for the new users to get used to it.

Google Inbox App

It’s useful feature allow users to preview the multiple attachments underneath a subject line. It brings user to the Craigslist photo or cat pic chain that he is looking for immediately, with-out even having to think about that who sent him what and when. This is a huge improvement of the Gmail’s current app, which do not even have a traditional paper clip indicator to set apart the messages that contain files or images.

There is also an improvement in email search. You can type any sort of normal phrase — for the instance, “Jone’s cell company” — and a specially tuned search will know to bring up any 7-digit number associated with name Jone (even if the word “company” is not explicitly mentioned in that email).

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