Japanese MNC, Nikon, the world pioneers in imaging and optics items, disclosed their first ever 360-degree concentrating, live-in real life camera-Key Mission 360, at CES 2016, in Las Vegas.

Key Mission 360 will be known as the ‘Guardian Camera’ in the group of real to life cameras. At CES 2016, Nikon has not made any declaration with respect to accessibility, discharge date, specifications like life of the battery, price, and couple of other essential elements.

For all we know, at present, the organization is adding to an arrangement of mounts and embellishments, so that the no frills camera can shoot video footage with 4K UHD.

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By Rich, the popular activity picture taker, one of the greatest champion components of Key Mission 360 is the sound quality, which happens to be the best when contrasted with whatever other activity cameras accessible in the business sector.

The components of Key Mission 360, a rotational 360-degree and 4K ultra-top notch determination for video catching, makes it another titan vicinity in the business sector of 360-degree and activity camera. Key Mission 360 has one of the hardest components as the organization asserts the picture catching gadget to be waterproof up to profundity of 100 ft. furthermore, shockproof up to profundity of 66 ft. Call it slaughtering two feathered creatures with a solitary stone.

The in-assembled electric shake decrease can be empowered through applications while recording videos. Design astute, the camera seems to be like Theta 360 byRicoh, yet regarding solidness Nikon has made an extraordinary showing. The camera can without much of a stretch fit into the palm of our hands such as a Polaroid Cam, and offers the size with Hero 4 Session cam by GoPro, however with a special case of two bloated lens set on the either side of camera’s body.

Other specification incorporates into constructed Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC. You can undoubtedly join this camera with a close-by keen gadget.

The presentation of Key Mission 360 may end up being a gigantic bad dream for Nokia OZO, GoPro, and Sony. See more cool gadgets at CES 2016.

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