Did you know that the typical gaming PC costs around $700-$1,000? Your average MacBook can fall into the same range too or even higher.

If you owned one for a long time, you might worry about the computer repair cost if it ever breaks. It’s important to know the prices, to ensure that you have money ready. Nothing is more inconvenient than waiting for a few weeks for a repair since you didn’t save money.

Don’t panic yet.

In this computer repair pricing guide, you’ll learn how much you need to save for certain PC repairs.

Read on and find out more

1. Software Repairs – $40-$150

Sometimes software bugs aren’t too bothersome to fix. An easy-to-fix bug will often take around 5 minutes for an expert to fix while you wait in the lobby. For harder bugs, they need to back up your data and reset your PC to its factory settings and reinstall other things.

A factory reinstall is a good way of speeding up your personal computer. But the only downside is that they are invasive. It also costs more and it can take a while to finish, depending on how used your unit is.

2. Hard Drive Replacements – $100-$225

PC repair prices for replacing hard drives largely depend on your wants and needs. For example, a refurbished HDD with 320GB space can cost $10 with a $90 installation fee. If it’s a 1TB Samsung EVO SSD, you can expect around $400 for the replacement part and $200 for labor.

But the average price for almost all hard drive replacements is $150-$225. This will include both the labor and the replacement part. If you want to recover recently deleted files from your old hard drive, you might pay more.

3. Liquid Damage Repair – $100-$250+

The computer repair rate for liquid damage will depend on how severe the damage is. Laptops that didn’t get extensive corrosion will cost around $100 to fix. For a machine suffering from thorough corrosion, you might pay more than $250.

Remember, the amount of liquid going inside the computer isn’t the sole determinant of the repair price. It’s the extent of damage that the liquid did after seeping inside the computer hardware. Experts will open your machine and base their fixing price on the amount of damage tested.

4. Motherboard Replacements – $150-$300+

The most expensive part of any computer unit is the motherboard. That’s why the computer repair prices for the labor can range between $100 and $200. As for the replacement part, it often costs around $25-$200+ depending on the quality.

Regular laptops and desktops often have motherboards that cost around $30-$150. For Macs and other high-tier machines, their motherboards will have $200-$600 price tags. Take note, spending around $2,000 for the entire unit means it has a high-end motherboard.

5. Fan Repairs or Replacements – $100-$175

Often, computer fans get clogged after using it for a long time. That means it needs cleaning or a replacement. It all depends on how well you care for your computer.

The good news is that computer fans aren’t that expensive, costing around $5-$35. The bulk of the computer repair cost is from labor. It’s because the repairmen need to completely dismantle the unit to replace the fan.

Also, it’s in their best interest to remove the CPU’s heat sink and reapply the thermal paste. Regardless of whether it’s fan repair or replacement, labor costs will be between $100-$150.

6. SSD Upgrade – $150-$400

This upgrade will cost more the bigger your SSD is. It also gets more expensive if you want the expert to save your data. The labor cost will often be around $100-$200, excluding the SSD cost.

The cost of labor will depend on the difficulty of opening the computer to upgrade the HDD with the SSD. It also gets affected by the time needed to finish the process. SSDs have a $50-$400 price range depending on the quality.

7. Laptop Screen Replacements – $125-$225+

Replacing a laptop screen is straightforward, but the laptop repair cost for specialty screens can be expensive. The replacement can cost around $125 for 10.1”-11.6” netbook or ultrabook screens. As for a laptop with a 17.3” standard screen, it’s anywhere between $175-$195.

Screen replacements for the MacBook Pro and MacBook Retina lean to the expensive side more. It varies by model, but it’s usually around $75-$225 for labor, excluding the replacement part. It all depends on how complicated the replacement process is.

Laptops with expensive and high-end screens can go beyond the estimate listed here. Here, you need to get a quote from the local repair shop. Ask around and see which one works best for you.

8. Memory or RAM Upgrade – $50-$200

To make your computer faster, adding or upgrading its RAM isn’t the only way. It’s a great way, but it doesn’t make as much of an impact as it did before. It only makes a significant difference if you’re running a lot of programs that eat the RAM.

Alternatives include SSD upgrades, improvements to the CPU, and reinstalls. But if you’re set on upgrading your memory, the price depends on the amount of memory you want to add. Expect around $50-$150 labor cost on top of the price of the RAM.

The cost depends on the accessibility of the RAM slots. If your computer needs disassembling before accessing it, expect to pay more labor costs.

9. Virus Removal – $50-$100

Virus removals aren’t that complex, which makes them cost around $100. But some repair shops often run 50% discount promos on their virus removal services. Take note, some viruses need a complete factory reinstall to disappear.

Learn Computer Repair Costs Today!

These are some of the most common computer repair costs you might encounter. If you don’t find your computer issue here, don’t hesitate and contact an expert. Do your research and find a reputable one in your area before committing.

Of course, repairing a PC is only the beginning. You have to think about upgrading, changing parts, and compatibility. If you need more guides to walk you through the process, feel free to read more of our content right here!

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