Is your internet speed is slow as compared to previous day? If yes then, there might be someone who is stealing your internet connection. If you feel difficult to find Who’s connected and using Your WiFi, then you are at right place. Here in this tutorial, i am going to share my views on How To Check Who’s Using Your WiFi and Block Them easily without much difficulty. This will definately improves your wifi internet speed. In my previous post, I used to write about How to Upsurge Wi-Fi Signal Strength – 7 Easy Hacks.

This aide is specially composed for Android users; you have to download an application and afterward you can easily who is connected with your network if such connections are suspicious then simply block them.

Check Who’s Using Your WiFi and Block Them

Here are the steps to follow so as to first watch that who is using your WiFi without your insight and afterward block them to restore your browsing speed. Presently without testing your understanding more give me a chance to make you to the strides;

Checking who’s connected

  • First we are watching that who is connected with our internet network;
  • First of all, Download Fing application on your android smartphone.
  • Ones the application is downloaded, dispatch it and there you will see the name of your network along withSettings and Refresh catch.
  • Tap on Refresh to see all the connected networks. Ones you have refreshed then you will see all the connected gadget alongside the marker that whether connected network is PC or smartphone.

Blocking the Suspicious Networks

In the event that you have found any suspicious connection then you should block it immediately and for that take after these steps;

  • First get the MAC address of suspicious connection; it will be a number that will found from the above steps, where you have checked the suspicious connection. (Macintosh address will consist of numbers and letters).
  • Presently open web browser on your PC on which your internet switch is connected and enter your switch IP.
  • Presently enter your switch ID and password.
  • Click on Mac Filtering from Security and after that tap on Add Device.
  • After that, enter the MAC address of the gadget which you need to block under the MAC field; give any name or different details, if asked and after that Click on Apply, Save or OK whatever the choice might be. Rehash the same process for distinctive suspicious accounts.
  • You have successfully banned the suspicious networks.

This was out instructional exercise to check who’s using your WiFi and block them. In the event that you have any queries or confusion left identified with this article then loan them in remark box. I shall return to your questions as soon as possible.

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