First of all, insert an empty pen-drive to computer or laptop. Then follow these simple steps to make pendrive bootable:

For Window 7 users:

1. Go to Start > search > cmd and open it with “run as administrator” by right click of the mouse.

This will open the ‘Command prompt‘.

Windows 7 CMD Window Pops Up 

For Window 8 users:

1. Go to ‘windows key‘ and “press c”. Right click on the command prompt icon and select run as admistrator from bottom bar.

2. After opening cmd, type “diskpart” in command prompt and hit Enter. (Make sure you disconnect all other pen-drives or hard drives as this may also results in formatting of them)

Type diskpart And Enter

3. Then type “list disk” in command prompt and hit Enter. (It will show you all disks connect to the system such as DISK 0, DISK 1 and in this tutorial DISK 1 is the pendrive)

Type list Disk And Enter

4. Type “select disk 1” in command prompt and hit Enter. (It will select the DISK 1 for all actions)

Type select Disk 1 And Enter

5. Then type “clean” in the command prompt and hit Enter. (This will clean the pendrive)

Type clean And Enter

6. Type “create partition primary” and press Enter. (This will create a primary partition in the pendrive)

Type create partition primary And Enter

7. Then type “Select partition 1” and press Enter.

8. Type “format=fs ntfs quick” and hit the Enter. (This will format the pendrive quickly)

Type format=fs quick And Enter

9. Then type “active” and press Enter. (This will make pendrive active for booting after computer restarts)

Type active And Enter

10. Type “exit” and hit Enter to close Diskpart and then close the ‘Command prompt’ window.

Type exit And Enter

This will make your pendrive bootable. Now select the window files from your computer and copy them to the pendrive as shown in the picture below:

Copying All Files And Pasting It

Thats it!

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