Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a 2013 update to the massively multiplayer online role-playing game RuneScape, which debuted in 2001. The major goals of the game involve participating as an individual in a fantastical environment, performing tasks, and killing adversaries. Despite its age, the game is more popular now than it was a decade ago. The old-school MMORPG recently became available on iOS and Android smartphones, expanding its reach and raising the overall player count. The game is set in the enchanted land of Gelinor, where you can find adventure by becoming a magician, farmer, cook, or speaking with friends while completing exciting chores and boss battles. To escape the peak of multiplayer gaming, more individuals than ever are traveling to Gelinor.

A complicated labyrinth of mechanical work, many of which are never completely explained to new players, remains hidden behind the straightforward graphics, nevertheless. Here are some tips to assist you understand whatever there is about playing Old School RuneScape if you are one of them.

Old School RuneScape

Start the adventure trail

You have the choice to take specific adventure tracks if OSRS is your first time playing. Adventurer John, who lives north of Lumbridge, will give you several quests that will help you get acquainted with the huge realm of Gelinor. There is no incorrect answer; pick a handful that interests you and work to finish them. This is not only a terrific method to become familiar with the various OSRS game elements, but it’s also excellent starting equipment.

Improving skills

Improving Skills

Unaffiliated Old School Players in RuneScape have the ability to use 15 talents, from Magic to Woodcutting. When you click a skill, a guide that lists the new items and abilities each level unlocks will open. Moving your mouse over a skill will show how much experience is required to advance to the next level.

The Stronghold of Security is located in the Barbarian Village, west of Varrock, where you will enter your first dungeon. This dungeon, which is based on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, has four floors and enemies ranging in level from level five goblins to level 159 shadows, so regardless of your fighting experience level, there will always be a difficult battle. You may also be asked to take a test on your understanding of account security. A reward room that is hidden on each level will let you unlock a new emote and give you a one-time payout of 10,000 coins. You can select either a pair of luxury boots or combat boots if you find the fourth and final reward room.

If fighting is more your thing, cross the River Lum to the east and you’ll find a field full of goblins. Here, you don’t need to worry about being overpowered by anything save your own greatness for practicing melee, ranged, and magical fighting.


Although the RuneScape society is full of helpful and kind people, you might run into some unfriendly players while exploring Gielinor. Always be on the watch for anything that might be an effort at phishing for your account or look like a fraud.

When other players promote a service where you have to sell someone gold or stuff, frauds frequently occur. For instance, a typical scam that has existed for as long as RuneScape has is where individuals propose that you “double” your money by first exchanging their coins. It’s always a fraud, and they’ll just take your money and run. If you are itching to increase the amount of gold, it is better to use the service https://skycoach.gg/runescape-os-boost/gold.



To keep Gielinor safe, you can get in touch with the moderators. They can be recognized by a silver crown in their chat box, which indicates that they regularly play the game. These players can disable other chat messages and report them to Jagex directly. Moderators from Jagex are occasionally visible in the debate and are identified by a golden rather than a silver crown. These are the genuine Jagex game developers who are engaged in the endeavor. A person without a crown is lying if he pretends to be a moderator or to have the authority to block you.

The mini-map shows areas with people from whom you are able to accept the mission, whilst the diary lists all the details about the quests but without any specifics. Due to the abundance of puzzles, traps, and secrets as well as role-playing and adventure games, this game is more than just an MMO. Thanks to Wikipedia and the many videos you can find online, it’s difficult to get sucked into the game, but it can be an enjoyable escape when you’re tired of honing your skills and using your brain. Instead of one long quest, there are countless quick tasks and entire storylines available. These are typically not simple “find and bring” or enemy-beating quests. And while they could initially seem straightforward, like in RuneScape, things might gradually reveal to be quite complex.

There are a ton of side missions and engaging conversations with multiple ways to respond. Most likely, the dialogues – which are rife with irony and on the point of parity – are what will always provide top-notch humor for social gamers.

There is no wrong way to play

While some experienced players play for weeks or even months without completing any quests, others hardly ever engage in PvP combat. You are free to explore the vast planet however you choose as RuneScape from the Past is a sandbox MMO. Whatever option you choose, just be aware that you are playing the game as it was intended. You can strive to perfect every skill, excel in quests, or make a fortune on the Grand Exchange.

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