If you need to buy or sell crypto tokens, you need a reliable exchange platform to do so. While there are many exchange services online, some users now are more concerned about their privacy and anonymity than ever. Thus, the demand for anonymous exchanges is growing. That’s why LetsExchange which is an anonymous crypto exchange doesn’t request any personal data. You can open the exchange widget and perform any transaction anonymously.

The Exchange Process Cannot Be Simpler


LetsExchange allows swapping more than 216 crypto tokens in five easy steps. Let us have a look at how to do it on an example of an ETH to CAKE cryptocurrency pair. So, to proceed with your exchange procedure, you need to do the following:

  • You open the LetsExchange all-in-all widget.
  • There, in the upper menu part, you provide the coin to sell and the amount.
  • In the lower part, you choose the coin to buy.
  • You make the requested deposit.
  • Don’t forget to indicate the receiving wallet address.

After that, a special SmartRate tool starts checking multiple exchanges in search of the most profitable deal. Once the best deal is detected, it is picked up, an order is created, and the swap is completed.

If you want, you can also download a receipt with all the transaction details. Ready? You can repeat the same procedure whenever you want to exchange your crypto coins once more!

exchange your coins

As an anonymous cryptocurrency exchange, LetsExchange doesn’t require you to provide any sensitive information. You don’t need to register an account, verify it, or provide any personal or financial data otherwise. Consider though that such exchanges don’t perform transactions with fiat money. If you want to buy or sell crypto for fiat, you need to look for a different service.

Did We Miss Something?

Did We Miss Something

Well, we haven’t missed anything. You might be wondering where the wallet is. LetsExchange doesn’t store your funds in any way. It is a multicurrency exchange platform, it processes the swaps without storing any funds. Yep, before you start using the service, ensure you have a wallet to receive the crypto coins.

Choose the wallet carefully. First of all, you need a wallet that supports the needed coin. For example, if you are going to buy Bitcoin, the wallet shall support it. If you want to buy WAX, choose a wallet where you can store WAX.

While there are many exchanges that also provide wallet services, be careful with them. It is better if you are the only one who has and manages the funds in your wallet. Make sure you have the private keys to your funds. Otherwise, we don’t recommend using the service.

Choose a wallet based on your needs. If you are going to trade, a hot wallet is the most convenient option. Such a wallet is connected to the web and you can access your crypto coins instantly when you need them. If you are going to keep crypto coins, a cold wallet might be your best choice. Such a wallet isn’t connected to the internet constantly. It is less convenient if you are going to swap crypto coins frequently but this option is the safest if you are going to keep your cryptocurrency.

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