Music has never showed signs of change, yet as it continually develops, music has likewise made its transition from vinyls and tapes to digital media.

Music is something that we all take delight to listening in and everyone has their own inclinations for distinctive sort of music. Be it pop, rock, blue or techno, The web has made it helpful for us to discover all types of music under one rooftop, Courtesy of free online music gushing sites. Because of which we are presently ready to pick and listen from a large number of specialists from everywhere throughout the world, without worrying about the storage space.


We have gathered a rundown of 20+ of the best and free online music gushing sites, which will take into account all your music needs and even help you to find new craftsmen.

Note : Some of these sites numerous not be open in your nation. You don’t have to stress as its simple to bypass this impediment by introducing the Hola extension in your web programs . You can download the extension for your web programs from the connections underneath.

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Go ahead and enjoy listening to great music from these free online music streaming sites below .

10 Best Online Music Streaming sites for Listening to Free Music

  1. Pandora

    Pandora is a programmed music proposal administration , which offers one of the most ideal approaches to listen to free music online and much find new specialists.

  2. is a business music spilling administration giving free and authorized music. Dispatched in June 2011 by The site has a vast gathering of English and Bollywood music to listen from.

  3. is one of the first online music spilling sites and even an informal community for music significant others. I always use this site on my laptop whenever i want to listen music.


    Astonishing Radio is a global radio station that plays new music from various music types including pop, rock, non mainstream, hip bounce, gadgets and jazz.

  5. Aol radio

    Controlled by , AOL radio is online radio administration. It is also one of the popular music streaming sites to play music.

  6. Grooveshark

    Grooveshark is an online music spilling administration situated in the United States. It has an internet searcher, spilling administration, and proposal application. Clients can stream and transfer music that can be played immediately or added to a playlist.


    Digitally Imported is a multi-channel internet radio service that focuses exclusively on Electronic Music.

  8. SHOUTcast

    SHOUTcast Radio offers thousands of free Internet radio stations from DJs andbroadcasters around the world

  9. MikesRadioWorld

    Your gateway to over 5000 radio stations streaming live onthe internet. It is one of the best music streaming sites online.

  10. Slacker

    Slacker gives listeners at whatever time, anyplace access to the world’s best music and stimulation. Listen for nothing on any gadget or subscribe and appreciate a business free involvement with profound customization, disconnected from the net listening and on-interest access to a huge number of melodies and collections.

  11. 8Tracks

    The free online music at 8Tracks is grouped into short playlists of 8 songs that are put together by you or by another 8Tracks listener.

  12. Dash Radio

    Dash Radio is another Internet radio website that has dozens of free stations in lots of different genres.

  13. SoundCloud

    SoundCloud works by clients and specialists transferring music for you to uninhibitedly listen to, so there’s both exceptional and natively constructed sound that you can discover here.

  14. RadioTuna

    RadioTuna is an excellent way to find radio stations from all over the Internet that you can then play right from RadioTuna without the hassle of figuring out each radio stations’ player.

  15. Songza

    Songza is a fascinating yet exceptionally accommodating website that gives you a chance to stream music playlists construct not just in light of classification like what most websites permit, additionally by state of mind, action, and decade.

  16. iHeartRadio

    iHeartRadio combines a live radio app and a custom music streaming sites service into one awesome website and app.

  17. TuneIn Radio

    TuneIn Radio is probably the best place to listen to live radio stations over the Internet. It’s dead simple to find the stations local to your area but also ones from anywhere else on the globe.

  18. Spotify

    Spotify is an amazing free music gushing website with a huge number of melodies accessible for you to listen to at whatever point you need and the same number of times as you need.

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