iTunes Alternative for Windows

Wants to know which is the best iTunes alternative for windows? I hope yes!

iTunes is a platform created by Apple to share stuff from computer to iPhone/iPad/iPod and from i-Device to computer. But, it is complicated for most of the users to add stuff from windows to iPhone. Solving that problem, there are many itunes alternative for windows over the internet. These alternative softwares are much easier to use that iTunes.

In this post, i am sharing the best itunes alternative for windows known as iFunBox. iFunBox was developed by Dev Team in 2008.

Installing iFunBox on Windows-best iTunes Alternative for Windows

iFunBox is available as a simple portable app or as an installer for windows. If you simply like to incorporate it into the Windows, just grab the installer. And if you would like to create the portable copy ( that you can sync easily to other computers with the help of DropBox), just grab the portable. I recommend to use the portable version app.

The installation of iFunBox is quite simple. Simply run the iFunBox.exe from downloaded files folder to start the process.

Remember now to attach your device to the computer or laptop. When your device gets connected, you will see a tab in the upper right corner that your device is connected. Clicking on that tab allows you to switch between your attached iOS device.

The default panel of iFunBox is the ‘Find More Apps’ panel, which is very useful for installing apps to i-Device. It shows most popular apps there which are free and paid so it is a best iTunes alternative for windows.

Importing Stuff

If you want to import files to your iOS device like, Music, Photos, Videos, Ringtones, etc.– the ‘Quick Toolbox’ tab is the path to go. You can select appropriate icon from the ‘Export’ section up top to dump contents of that application or you can click on the icon under ‘Import’ section at the bottom for a fast access drag & drop pane.

You will be glad to know that all of your apps are able to share files easily through iFunBox. You can also easily transfer files from one app to another.

ifunbox file transfer

If you double click on any app icon, you are presented with the file browser in which you can simply drag & drop files right on to your iOS device. There is one more benefit of this app, if you are at your friend’s house and you can easily copy stuff from his computer to your i-Device.

I always recommend iFunBox as iTunes alternative for windows because it is very easy to use and handle. I mostly use it to transfer my downloaded songs from downloader to the in-built music app.

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