Did you know that several of the top challenges for small businesses all relate to struggling with money management?

Whether you’re a freelancer or running your own small business, learning how to do bookkeeping can make tax season much more bearable. You may even discover creative ways to cut your costs to keep your profits as high as possible.

Are you ready to master the art of business bookkeeping? Keep reading to learn 5 simple bookkeeping strategies that can make your job easier.

1. The Right Tools Are Crucial for Simple Bookkeeping

One of the best basic bookkeeping tips is to let technology do all of the heavy lifting for you. Now that paper records are becoming outdated, you can always keep all of your important information a few clicks away. Reading a guide on Freshbooks vs Quickbooks can help you understand which popular bookkeeping tool is best for your unique needs.

2. Maintain Organized Records

Even though technology has made it way easier to access your records, you’d be surprised by how quickly your information can pile up. To keep your records clean, it’s helpful to make different folders and labels so you know that everything has a proper place. Just remember to keep your organization methods simple so you don’t get overwhelmed trying to get everything sorted.

3. Keep Hard Copies of Your Most Important Information

Although every business owner can thrive running on a paperless bookkeeping system, technology can fail on rare occasions. This is why keeping hard copies of your most valuable data can give you peace of mind in case there’s ever an emergency. To avoid overloading your records with too many files, only hang onto the most important documents, such as invoices and tax records.

4. Don’t Let Go of Past Records Too Soon

The odds of getting audited are slim, which is a big relief for business owners. However, if you’re ever unlucky enough to be singled out, you’ll need to provide records that date back 7 years. Although it can feel therapeutic to clear out old records, try to find a separate space for them where they can be out of your way without being gone forever.

5. Make Updates Every Week

You may be tempted to procrastinate on your bookkeeping chores, but having a mountain of work to do will make you want to pull your hair out. This is why taking an hour or two to update your records once a week can make bookkeeping more manageable. If weekly updates don’t match your flow, try to come up with your own schedule that maximizes your productivity.

Now You Know How to Bookkeep Like a Pro

If you use these 5 simple bookkeeping strategies, you can manage your finances without ever breaking a sweat.

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