A huge piece of success for startups is establishing a strong internet presence. In a frenzy of businesses trying to find success online, though, how can you stand out?

In the long run, it comes down to laying down a foundation and sticking to the principles that work. Fancy marketing moves and tactics aren’t likely to gain you lasting success, and they can even land you penalties from search engines.

We’re going to discuss 7 ways that you can effectively find digital marketing results that will last for years.

Let’s get started:

7 Tips for Lasting Digital Marketing Results

We should state right off of the bat that conducting a digital marketing campaign is much like making an investment. If you choose the right methods and “water the seeds,” so to speak, you’ll find that success naturally rolls around and continues to grow.

The thing is, it requires a little work. Let’s look at a few of the things that will help you substantially in the long run.

1. Understand the Playing Field

First, it’s important to have a decent idea of how the systems that you’re engaging with work.

Understanding how internet infrastructure works, how search engines operate, and the nature of social media is very important. Having a grasp of these ideas can help put digital marketing efforts into context.

If you end up working with a digital marketing agency, understanding what they’re talking about and doing for your business can also help you hold them accountable to the work you’re paying for.

2. Incorporate SEO

“SEO” stands for search engine optimization. It’s the process of tuning your website and its content to the standards and preferences of search engines.

When people try to seek out new information in a general sense, they often type their questions and concerns into search engines. In most cases, that means searching for things in Google.

For that reason, Google’s search algorithm is the standard against which most companies base their SEO. Many of the tips and tricks we’ll discuss later in the article pertain to SEO, but our point here is to incorporate it into the fabric of your business as soon as you can.

That means optimizing all of the pages on your website and continuing to keep optimization in mind as you add to your site.

3. Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of finding terms and phrases that are commonly searched by your target demographic.

There’s a wealth of great keyword research tools available to you online, and one of them comes straight from Google. We’ll discuss that tool as our next point.

The value of keyword research lies in the fact that it gives you insight into what your consumers are currently thinking about. When there are trends in keyword searches, you can infer that there are similar trends in user desires and demand.

Those insights can guide your immediate business decisions and marketing efforts.

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the tool we referred to in the previous point. Analytics allows you to look at what’s currently happening on your site.

That means seeing how much traffic you’re getting on various pages throughout your site, which traffic is coming from which links, and a whole lot more.

Ultimately, this tool is a way for you to monitor your success and identify other areas where you could improve. Learning how to use Google Analytics well is extremely important as well, because the more expertise you have, the more you can gain from it.

5. Create Content Frequently

You should establish a content creation schedule and stick to it. Whatever your medium is, you should create the content in response to keyword trends found through your research.

We’ll go with the example of a blog here because most sites use blog posts as the primary way to post. Consider writing blog posts that are optimized for the keywords found in your research.

For example, if the keyword you’ve identified is “how to make friends at work,” you could create a blog post that’s optimized for that term. It could be titled “12 ways that you can make stronger connections at work” and use the target keyword in the appropriate places.

Doing this regularly will allow you to reach people who are searching for that term and direct them back to your site to engage with your product pages.

6. Invest in Quality

Let’s say, for example, that your preferred medium for content creation is blog posts. It could also be videos, infographics, or something else.

Anyone can create any one of those types of content. Everyone can’t do it well, though. Sure, you can whip up a short article about something that you’re passionate about, but there’s a great deal of expertise involved in creating a well-optimized, effective post.

Additionally, that post should be packed with relevant information that’s arranged to impact readers and improve your brand image. It would be hard to create a regular schedule of content on top of all the other responsibilities involved with running a startup.

With that in mind, it may be wise to hire out a freelancer or take on a staff writer, videographer, or graphic designer to help. This investment will pay you back in the long run.

7. Focus Primarily on Your Service

Many people get lost in the maze of optimization, social media, and digital marketing schemes and totally forget the point of their operation.

Search engine algorithms are geared toward finding the sites that will be most relevant to their users. They’re not trying to find the best-optimized pages.

In fact, there are actually penalties for sites that are identified to be over-optimizing. This means that the more effective and useful your website is, the better it will do in terms of optimization and digital marketing.

Sure, there are a few ribbons and bows you have to add to make things run smoothly, but the underlying value of your content is what will guide you through.

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