Smartphones are amazing pieces of engineering, with an insane amount of processing power crammed into slim, lightweight devices that fits into our pockets. They can do more than just keep us in touch with our loved ones (although this still remains one of their basic functions): they can keep us entertained while away from home.

Smartphones play music and videos, keep us connected, and are the most popular gaming platform today, exceeding PCs and consoles. Most smartphone games are casual, offering every player with every taste a little something to play with. Today, we’re going to take a look at a bunch of apps that are meant for those with an affinity for slot machines.

Mobile Slot Machines


Social casino apps have been around for quite some time now, and one of the most used is Slotomania (one of the best mobile slot machines), the social slots collection built by Playtika. Slotomania has a large collection of online slots – over 100 at this moment – that players can enjoy on desktop computers (through Facebook, or on Playtika’s own website) or their smartphones, as a free – ad-supported – app.

While playing Slotomania’s slots, players gather coins and experience points. The XPs will unlock further games as the player reaches new levels. The coins can be won, but they can also be bought – a few bucks will get you thousands, perhaps millions of virtual coins to play with.

All Slots

The All Slots casino has everything a real casino can offer its players – because that’s what it is. This doesn’t prevent it from offering its players a completely free version of its games. On desktop computers, players can head over to the All Slots website and play with the game of their choice free, for a limited time. Registering an account will offer players access to the All Slots’ complete game library of more than 350 browser-based games, and over 130 mobile games to play on their smartphones.

To play free, All Slots players need to select “Practice mode” when logging into the service. The number of virtual coins offered by the casino is limited, but the bankroll can be topped up at any time free through the Cashier.

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DoubleDown Casino is a mix between the two mobile slots collections above. It’s a social casino game with virtual coins, experience points, available as a smartphone app or play inside a social network. It shares certain aspects with real casinos, too – namely its games. DoubleDown offers its players a collection of slot machines they can encounter inside the most famous Las Vegas casinos, too. The only difference is that the DoubleDown doesn’t charge them real money for playing – but the fun is just the same. Giev a try to another one of the best Mobile Slot Machines.

Samurai Casino

Samurai Casino is a slots game themed around the possibility of the Samurai. It highlights Samurai slots, princess slots, and dragon slots so there is some fluctuation. For the individuals who need something more than only a slots game, Samurai Casino additionally offers video poker and blackjack for a more full-highlighted casino encounter than most. This one likewise gives away free credits at regular intervals or you can purchase more with genuine cash.

Titan Slots

Titan Slots is one of the best in class slots games. Client surveys adulate designers for at long last settling old issues with the application and the simplicity of playing. It highlights different play styles, themed space machines, and a re-turn mode as a sort of twofold or-nothing bet to win more. It likewise includes extra chips each hour and the capacity to play disconnected. It’s an exceptionally stable alternative with some good design.

Tiger King Slots

Tiger King Slots is one of the more basic alternatives. It has a modest bunch of opening machine topics and gloats various diverse paylines and approaches to play. There are additionally day by day rewards and different approaches to gain free credits to continue playing. This one likewise includes the capacity to be played disconnected which is constantly pleasant. By and large, it’s exceptionally straightforward yet at the same time great.

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Slots – Magic Wonderland

Slots – Magic Wonderland is another one of the great mobile slot machines game with a lot of themes for people to enjoy. This one contains over 40 themed slot machines for players to enjoy, including seasonal and holiday themes when you hit that special time of year. Unlike most, this game is completely playable offline so those without internet connections can still enjoy it. It also boasts more frequent free stuff than most. Overall, it’s a solid option.

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