If you have received a call from an unknown number, and you tried to call back just to hear a message say ‘the text mail subscriber is not available.’ you are dealing with a text mail subscriber who does not want to be identified.

Living in the 21 century and in the year 2021, you may well have already heard of the term ‘text mail subscriber’ but be wondering what on earth it means. You will have experienced it before because when you get an anonymous, sinister-looking number and you call it back to investigate the call, it always says ‘Text Mail subscriber is not available. It may well be that text messaging is scamming you as a subscriber.

It is important to note that falling victim to text messaging scams can result in serious consequences, such as financial loss or identity theft, so it is crucial to exercise caution and not disclose personal information to unknown text mail subscribers or callers. As for ExamCollection, it is an online platform that provides exam dumps and practice tests to help individuals prepare for various certification exams.

What Is A Text Mail Subscriber?

What is a text mail subscriber

So essentially, a text mail subscriber is someone who makes phone calls through the internet. You can call them a Text Mail Subscriber. A text mail subscriber can only read messages sent to them as plain text. They do not use any mobile device or landline but the internet.

A text mail subscriber opts not to get HTML emails. If you send mail to a subscriber, it is best to use plain text to make reading emails easier. Texting or text mailing is sending electronic messaging to people. Generally, you can say that this text email is plain text and is made up of numeric characters and letters from the alphabet.

Text Mail Subscriber Scam

Text mail subscriber services are placed by using apps that give you a number to make calls. The calls are made by making use of the app and using your Internet IP address. Google Voice is an example of text mail subscribers that give you a number.

Text mail subscriber calls are in demand and plenty of businesses use them to make calls to their customers. But as with everything in life, you get people who abuse the service and we have all heard of a text mail subscriber scam. This is when you get a missed call from an unknown number, usually telling you that you have won a huge sum of money.

A text mail subscriber scamster uses these unknown numbers to coax you into a typical text mail subscriber scam. Do not ever click on emails like this. In fact, the cleverest move is to delete them immediately, lest you forget about it and click on it next time by accident.

You would not be the first person to fall for such a scam and each year there are thousands of people who unwittingly respond to these sorts of scams.

You can track a text mail subscriber call or message. If you are a victim of scam calls or text messages, and they are getting out of control, you can seek legal action.

The HTML And Plain Text Email Scams

There are so many users who would not let a company send them emails that are written in HTML or other file formats. To get good delivery of emails, email marketers need to choose a format that will suit their intended audience.

A plain text email just has text. There are no images and odd fonts or hyperlinks. On the other hand, HTML or HyperText Markup Language is a way to code a document so that an HTML reader knows how to get certain types of information.

These HTML emails have images, color, and sometimes multimedia. Plain text does not have any embellishments and you would not get any embedded multimedia. They choose to not receive HTML emails because they want that extra level of privacy if they open any emails.

Emails Delivered Via ESP And Email Clients

Emails delivered via ESP and email clients

Emails delivered via ESP and email clients are in MIME format, but there are those who want to only receive text emails, and not in multiple parts. Most ESPs offer the chance to create a different text version. If you are creating a multi-part email with video, you’ll want something different for people who only have text.

When using an Email Solution Provider or ESP to send text emails, clicks are tracked. A text email subscriber prefers to read emails that are sent to them as plain text, choosing not to get HTML emails for more privacy. When sending messages, it is better to use plain text to make it easier for email clients to read the emails. Email is simple text made up of alphabetic and numeric characters and sent between mobile devices or computers.

You must have, at some time, like so many other people as well, received a message telling you that you stand to inherit a massive amount of money or you have won a competition that you can remember you never took part in. Some wily scammers even send you text emails where they manage to get hold of some kind of government agency or bank and they get you to part with your personal information.

This is a typical example of you having been reached by a text mail subscriber. Of course, it is a scam designed to lure unsuspecting people into providing certain information and to win a fake prize. You have to get into ignoring such messages – just delete them immediately. How does anyone have the time or the inclination to be bothered with finding out who is behind these emails? The best you can do is to simply block them – they’ll soon get bored.

The Internet Is Used To Make Calls

So when you ask the question ‘what is a text mail subscriber, you can say that a text mail subscriber is essentially a person who makes use of the Internet to make contact with other people all over the world.

They make use of web-based services to send messages and make phone calls while keeping their identity unknown. How many of us have not received calls from an unknown number? You have just received the call, and yet, when you try to return the call, you get a message telling you that the text mail subscriber is not available.

If you have wondered why you can’t call somebody back, it is because they have a text mail number and they are going by the name of a text mail subscriber. A text mail subscriber number can be gotten from your service provider.

The sender of these pathetic kinds of messages makes use of different apps to send their fake messages and many gullible people are taken in by them. If you find yourself receiving a call for a weird number, you really should ignore it.

A text mail subscriber is someone who makes phone calls by means of the Internet, so essentially, instead of the calls coming from a regular cell phone or landline, they come from the Internet from a service such as Google Voice.

If you were to text the person, they will receive notification of it via email. In such a case, you would not be able to call back. If you try to call back, you will get that irritating voicemail. When you try to call on that number, you get a voice message that says a text mail subscriber is not available.

This means it could be a person who has subscribed to a service that provides a unique phone number. They use this odd number to make calls via the internet instead of in a regular way. There are apps and websites that offer these kinds of services, one of which is Google Voice.

Dating Sites Known For Text Mail Services

There are literally thousands of people who use text mail services for privacy, but as already mentioned, they are well used by scammers, and evidence of this is seen on dating sites. The way it works on these dating sites is similar to other common scams.

The person builds up a relationship with the victim before they start using text messages and emails to request money. These scammers are seasoned at the job and they prey on those who are lonely and vulnerable – mostly women over 40 who are widowed or disabled. It is always a good idea to avoid these scams by sticking to reputable, well-known dating sites.

A text mail subscriber is not necessarily a scam, but it is a good idea to do some research on the company sending you the emails before you enter into any deals. There are ways that you can find out who owns a text mail number.

You can make use of the help of search engines. You can use any search engine because it is simply a case of entering the number into the search bar to see whether it has links anywhere. You can also make use of social media.

You can go to Facebook, for instance, and put the suspect number into the search bar. If the number is linked to any account, the name will come up. If that’s not enough and you are still wanting to know about the text mail subscriber, you could text them or call them, but most people just block them – done and dusted. If you have identified the email senders or unsolicited emails, block them. Another practice is to unsubscribe to these services or mark the emails as spam.

Truecaller – An App That Identifies The Caller

Some people solve the problem by making use of certain apps that do the trick. One of these apps is Truecaller. The name of the person calling you comes up so you can choose to answer the call or ignore it.

Recognize Scams

You can usually see the signs that a text message is a scam. There are two kinds of text messages – those from proper brands and those from non-brands. You will know that there are many brands that make use of this kind of SMS or email marketing.

If you receive a text message or email from a particular brand on your device, it will more than likely give the name of the brand and not their number. For instance, if you have a clothing account at a retail store, you can know that they are a registered company and genuine. They have not got the time of the pettiness to be generating false offers to scam people.

They are in the business to make money and make new customers and their promises are legit. If you receive text messages or emails from random numbers, there is the chance that you are dealing with a scammer.

You have reason to be wary of non-branded messages that seem to come from any random source. These messages are mostly fake, they are not verified, and their brand is not registered.

Protect Yourself From Scams

Protect yourself from Scams

We are living in the 21st century and it is a time known for lots of scams. It is a sad state of affairs, but there are very few people you can trust and you need to know how to protect yourself from scams and spot them before it is too late.

Of course, you are going to be getting SMS marketing messages, and these are quite legitimate and they are mostly a 10-digit toll-free number. On the other hand, if you were to receive a text message from an unidentified number with 11 digits, the odds are good that it is a scam number.

Even if the message or their call does come with some form of identification, unfortunately, it can still be a scam and you should take a careful look at the number. Most people refuse to answer any calls that do not have a name attached to them.

Digital communication has adapted and evolved a lot, but so have scammers evolved to keep pace with the changes. Text scams and calls have become far more common and it is up to you to recognize the obvious signs.

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