offers a Salesforce admin certification after adhering to the guidelines and passing the examination. The Salesforce exam is supervised by Kryterion. Moreover, you can give the exam either online or offline mode.

You need to have rigorous Salesforce training for passing the certification. The Salesforce admin certification exam contains 60 multiple choice questions which need to be completed within 105 minutes. You have to keep in mind that the passing score for the certification is 65 percent.

Moreover, you need to pay 200 US dollars as the registration fees for the exam. If you want to reappear for the exam you need to pay an extra hundred US Dollars. There is no hard copy or online content available as a reference during the exam timings.

Therefore, you need to have Salesforce training under the supervision of professionals who can guide you best about the material and pattern of the Salesforce exam. Let’s go through the tips and tricks that can help you to clear the certification within 27 days.

Salesforce exam preparation

The period from day 1 to day 11 as the learning period from Trailheads

The period from day 1 to day 11 as the learning period from Trailheads

Trailhead is one of the best places for starting the practice of the Salesforce certification exam along with getting a directed Salesforce training. Trailhead is one of the popular customer relationship management platforms and declares the admins as the cheerleaders of their latest products.

Trailhead is responsible for making the certification practice seamless so that people can learn the system without any difficulty and can grab the confidence very soon.

It is mentioned on the homepage of the trade had that it is a fun way to learn Salesforce. If you are the one who is initiating the career as an admin and you are confused about where to start, you can follow this Trail mix as a tip. Firstly, you need to get registered on Trailhead and then you have to follow this link.

You can take the advantage of the official exam guide provided by the sales force which will show you the exact number of steps for understanding better how to become a certified administrative on Salesforce.

You can also check the section of recommended training and references for the explanation of all types of trials considered vital for passing the examination of admin 201. The recommended trials are trail mix, trail, and super badges as a part of Salesforce training.

You can also sign up at for accessing all that trials for the exam. for the customization of the trail.

The 12th day to 20th day for appearing for the mock tests

This is the best place where you can get an ample number of mock tests. It is an essential part of Salesforce training that helps you to sort out the different types of patterns for the certification exam.

Webassesor practice test

Webassesor Practice Test

It is a great platform that is used by many Salesforce professionals for supervising the Salesforce admin exam. You get the option of registering for the mock exam when you register for any professional exam. It cost about $20 to appear for the mock tests. You can appear for the test only once.

Salesforce professionals

After you have completed all the 60 questions for the mock test you will finally get a failure or pass certificate. The certificate will highlight the areas where you are lagging and excelling.

12 different categories help in providing the aggregate percentage but you don’t have any idea after looking at this course on what was right or incorrect answers. This is the page you get for the mock test.

3. Online quiz

It is the most important step for achieving successful Salesforce training and the last tip that you need to follow for getting a Salesforce administrator certification till the 20th day.

This is the link for the 89 questions excel file which you can access in the form of an online test and it contains 135 questions.

Out of these 89 questions, a minimum of 60 percent of the questions was covered in the certification exam and the passing percentage was 67%.

The period from day 21 to day 24 for the Online practice test

These four days are required to dedicate to taking the online practice test and getting a minimum of 60 percent on the online practice test scorecard. You need to go through as many trials as you can and try to remove your errors with the help of salesforce experts.

The main criteria are the cost of the certification exam which is already mentioned in the above paragraph as 200 US dollars. Also, you can retake the exam up to a maximum of 10 times.

The period from day 25 to day 27- to stay calm and relax

The last 3 days are the important days when you have to remove every type of disturbance and anxiety. You can take a little practice online mock tests every day. This will boost your confidence. You can take some time to get relaxed and search for a full-time and salesforce. This time is really important to maintain your patience and revise the material without fear.

Wrapping up

After you have successfully finished all the 65 questions try to review them one by one.  After reviewing, you will get some of the questions which are maybe unanswered or incorrectly answered. So, try to finish your exam before 10 to 15 minutes so that you can review the questions back and make a rectification. Hope these tips will work for you.

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