Do you think you’re ready to start a business? Every year, thousands of new businesses launch and about half of those businesses don’t make it to the fifth year.

You want to beat those odds by creating a business that’s profitable immediately. Choosing the right business is a good first step.

What are businesses that make money right away?

Keep reading to find out.

1. Consulting

Consulting is the type of business you can start immediately and make money right away. What type of consultant you should become depends on your experience and background.

Someone that has a wealth of IT experience can become an IT consultant, advising companies on how to create and build their own infrastructure and keep it secure.

A marketing expert can be a marketing consultant, working with companies to create the best marketing strategies for them.

2. Writer

You may have an image of a starving artist when you think of writers, but there is a tremendous demand for quality content.

Companies are trying to create blogs to promote themselves, yet they don’t have the resources to write consistently.

You can position yourself as a blog writer that can produce great content for specific industries.

3. Teacher

How would you like to turn your expertise into cash? You can create an online course and publish it on a site like Udemy or SkillShare.

Your experience could be anything from starting a vegetable garden to learning a new language. As long as your course is professionally recorded and engaging, you should be making money in no time.

4. Graphic and Web Design

If you have skills as a designer, you can start a business as a graphic designer. You can create websites, design promotional products, and just about anything else for businesses.

5. Delivery Services

Since there is a huge increase in ecommerce purchases, there is a higher demand to have those packages delivered in record time.

You could meet that demand by starting a delivery services company. You could start by targeting ecommerce companies in your area and then expand your services to include local courier services.

Starting Your Small Business

These areas will give you a lot of opportunities to make money from the outset. You do need to take steps to make sure your business is going to be successful.

When you’re ready to start a small business, you want to create a solid business plan. That will help you determine your target market, evaluate the competition, and how you can position your business to be a smashing success.

You also want to have your marketing plan together. That should include your branding, logo, and marketing materials to promote your new business.

The Top Businesses That Make Money Right Away

Starting a new business is incredibly exciting. It’s a chance to create a life of freedom and flexibility that you won’t get working a 9 to 5 job in an office.

There are a lot of risks involved and you have to have a good start if you want to survive. You want to know the businesses that make money right away and pick an industry where you have a good chance to be profitable.

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