All of us keep receiving emails all our lives. On average, a person receives 121 emails every day with 306.4 billion emails sent daily. These are a lot of messages. No matter how great your email copies are, your readers are going to get bored of them after  sometime. Encouraging participation with incentives is a great way of keeping your subscribers engaged and even waiting for your message. Also, most of the marketers will agree to the fact that sales is a result of fruitful engagement. Gamification is a strategy that allows you to target all of these aspects of email marketing.

What Is Gamification And Why Gamify Email Marketing

The use of game-like thinking patterns in a non-gaming environment is known as gamification. Usually, it is used in work environments where the job role is monotonous. Gamification harnesses the engagement through competitive tendencies of individuals and rewards the involvement.

You can gamify your emails with the following variations:

  • Instant rewards
  • Interactive cards
  • Real-time games
  • Quiz
  • Role playing-based opinion games
  • Contests
  • Lottery like additional prizes

Developing such messages will require specialized HTML email developers as it requires in-depth knowledge of writing codes and best practices.

Building A Gamification Strategy For Emails

Setting The Goals For The Game

The first phase is defining the goal. It could be giving away freebies, special offers, access to webinars, recognition as brand loyalists, or even simply offering a game. It’s a no brainer, but not interweaving any sales related activity improves the engagement and conversions in the subsequent communications.

Defining The Game Rules

The next step is to define the game rules. How do you want your subscribers to interact? What should be the level of difficulty? How should they use the prop? Which skills do they require? What’s the reward? Is it proportional to the skills and time invested? Is there any penalty? Where does the game align with your email marketing strategy? How will it generate ROI? The answers to these questions will help define the game rules and integrate them with the prop/ game story.

Integration With Other Channels

After setting up the gamifying elements, you also need to install shareability options and market the gamified emails on other platforms to raise awareness. You can make announcements regarding these emails in social media posts and enable sharing the results as a post. Using gamification in your email template designs requires integrating them with other digital channels. People love posting about their sports and fun activities, and sharing such content is also a gratifying act.

Conducting Game And Overlapping It With Email Marketing

Conducting the game across the regions and time zones might require optimization. For instance, if you have scheduled the game for 7 AM in Alaska and not optimized it for other time zones like New York, they will receive the email at 12 PM. This is the same with dialects, slangs, and region-specific icons. Failing to do so may invite frustration in case of time-sensitive offers and exclusive entitlements. We recommend overlapping gamification with the standard email marketing best practices like personalization and segmentation. You may also bound the timings based on the receipt of email and participation.

Benefits Of Gamifying Emails

Attracting Fresh Subscribers

Adding subscribers to the mailing lists is one of the biggest goals for any digital marketing strategy with gated content, paid ads, blogs, social media posts, and a lot more. Unsubscribing is not a problem as the unsubscription rate is a mere 0.2%, but driving engagement and increasing ROI per email are the real challenges. Gamifying can help you fetch word of mouth and drive more people subscribing just to get the perks!

Converting The User Experience (UX) Into Gaming Experience (GX)

Using gamification in email templates allows you to frame, control, manipulate, and guide the reader’s journey. Games are a great way of simulating emotions since you know which aspects cheer, challenge, and reward your readers. Doing the same with texts and images would require exceptional quality, longer timeframe, and budget. Still, they require active efforts from the reader, while games make the same journey feel effortless and rewarding.

Going Beyond Open Rates

Sending out interactive, gamified emails will build up similar anticipation that people feel when they are looking forward to the launch of a new season of their favorite series. What’s better than your readers waiting for your message when talking about open rates?

Limus received 60% higher open rate using gamification:

Cutting Through The Clutter: Entertaining To Engage

Everybody finds it boring to scan endless email messages. Entertaining your subscribers is a golden opportunity to grab their attention and make it a two-way interaction. Entertaining readers is an underrated and underused tactic in email marketing. If you want to instantly improve your engagement rates, gamifying your messages is one great way of doing so.

Making CTAs Feel More Natural

Motivating the readers for clicking on the Call To Action button is the thumb rule of email marketing. The entire copy is optimized to lead the readers into your taking action. Gamification aids in turning your email message into an interactive experience that makes your readers feel rewarded instead of pursued.

Signing Off

Gamifying emails is rather unexplored territory, and harnessing it will give you the early bird advantage. I hope you find tmarhis article on gamifying emails to garner subscribers’ attention and journeys useful for your firm.

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