Have you ever thought that if you can possibly watch live movies and TV shows online without evening paying anything to streaming services like Netflix. We have found a way for watching live movies on phone. Just keep on reading this post.

tv shows and live movies on android

Here is given a list of Top 10 android platform apps for watching tv shows and live movies online without spending a penny (free). With the help of these apps, you can watch live tv serials, online videos, live movies, and tv show guides.

Best 10 Apps to Watch Live Movies and Online TV Shows On Android For Free

1) Hubi

Hubi lets you to watch free live movies on Android phone free of cost. What it actually do is it get the links from you & assists you to download that movie hosted on a specific link. This app can also be able to stream videos online from the restricted sites & without consulting any other app.

2) Hulu

Hulu allow the users to watch premium TV shows & live movies on their smartphones or tablets without even paying any cash. This app comes loaded with the current as well as traditional TV shows, live movies, Hulu originals and cartoons for kids, making it an ideal personal tablet companion. But, if you want to reach the Hulu library then you will have to pay a fee of 7.99 USD each month, but there are already various gems to find in free version of the app as well!

3) IMDb Movies & TV

IMDB, the name itself explain its job (Internet Movie Database). This is world’s largest collection of the live Movies and TV titles & celebrity material. You can also enjoy new movie trailers, get insight towards the stories of movies & actors, actresses & other team members. In this app, you can also inspect user reviews about new Movies and then you can also rate that movies or share with your friends online.

4) Crackle

Crackle allows you to watch live Movies completely free. It is an Android App for Entertainment developed by Top developer of Google Play Store. Users can watch full-length un-cut live movies and TV series shows on your Android smartphone. As compared to other apps, you do not have to pay sign-up fee for watching TV shows and live Movies.

5) Viggle

In Viggle you can get incentives for Watching TV shows. So, enjoying TV shows and live movies on your android phone will not be anymore wasting of time, but that will be earning time. Simply you need to watch your TV programs with this app and get the incentive points from various brands like Burger King, Fandango, Best Buy and much more. Automatically, Viggle can recognize the TV Show that you are watching and will provide the reward points.

You can use these incentive points for shopping from Best Buy and etc or you can also send it to the charity donations.

6) BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is having a catch up service which has been going powerful for the several years. This advanced Android app is a great way to watch the TV series and live movies. This does not have much variety of the archived TV series and shows to sort through, but the catch-up service has recently been expanded to the 30 days, which means that you have got one month to catch-up on almost anything that recently played on any BBC channel. BBC iPlayer is among the best free TV services that is currently available on Android.

7) Viewster

Viewster is another awesome app that is having a lot of live movies and they are all great. Yes, many of those are not much popular ones but they are enjoyable and free. We are not ranking it to the first because some of the users are complaining about the movies that are not running. Although, we did not have any problem while testing this app and also watched a full length movie without any hitches.


The SPB TV app for Android is providing the content from around the world using a collection of great and strange great channels. It is not that type of app in which you will use to watch the latest Hollywood mega hits and you will not find Showtime or NBC on there, but if you wants to take the chance on a wild card then this is it.

Warning: Few of the TV stations here are definitely seems to be more adult type.

9) Flipps

Flipps is a great app that not just let you watch some great live movies on your smartphone or tablet, but also on your TV. Yes right, you just need to stream media on your smartphone and then watch that on your TV. The movie collection there is fine, nothing really amazing but will keep you enough entertained for a lengthy time-period. The streams take a little bit of time to get load, but the streaming quality of the of the video and audio is still amazing, and amazing enough to watch on a big screen of TV.

10) LiveNow!TV

LiveNow!TV is another powerful app that provides a wide variety of TV channels around the world to stream huge number of live movies. This is a free service app which is supported by ads and of course it do not have similar strength similar to Hulu. But still, the streaming of live TV shows work amazingly well. This app is a wonderful choice for live streaming of many famous channels.

These are just a few apps for watching TV shows and full live movies on your Android phone. Remember that some apps may not work on every smartphone, but some of them will surely work on that Android device. So try using above apps and see which work and best suites for you. If you know any other app then share with us in comments!

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