While the pandemic hasn’t done much good for most businesses, TikTok certainly bucked that trend. From 2018 through to mid-2020, the platform grew 800% as various locked down people took to the platform to share their experiences.

With TikTok now being a premier social platform, companies and influencers alike have taken notice and are trying to maximize their presence on it.

But how can one successfully get more views on TikTok? Is there a tried and true pathway to achieve “vitality”?

In truth, there’s no sure-fire recipe for blowing up on a social platform. Still, there are proven levers you can pull to improve your chances of garnering better traction. Here’s what we recommend you try…

1. Get Hashtag Happy

Get Hashtag Happy

Hashtags are a means of helping TikTok’s search engine categorize your videos. For example, if you put “#cars” in your video description, that tells TikTok to file your video with other car-related content.

By helping TikTok better organize your content, you also help users more easily find your videos which can then boosts your view count.

As you hashtag videos, make sure that you only use relevant tags so people get what they’re expecting when they watch your content.

2. Share Your Videos

Share Your Videos

The more places you’re able to share your TikTok videos, the more easily you’ll be able to achieve you’re getting more views on TikTok ambitions. The good news is that TikTok makes sharing your videos on other platforms simple.

Head down to your video’s “share” button and click on any of the other platforms you’d like your video to be posted on.

You can also boost TikTok views by buying them which tasks a third-party agency with sharing your videos with their network of watchers, netting you an instant traffic spike.

3. Make Friends

Several people that can perform well under the TikTok algorithm do so by collaborating with other creators. We recommend you do the same thing.

Several people out there that have audiences on TikTok that would love to share their followers with you and gain exposure to your followers in return. By collaborating on projects, both you and your collaborator can get a view boost which will be noted by TikTok and will hopefully lead to your posts being prioritized better in the future.

4. Keep up That Drum Beat

Consistency is everything in the world of building a social media following. For TikTok, that means posting quality content in regular intervals.

As people begin to learn where they can expect your content to surface, you’ll start to attract high-engagement fans that will share your work and help your presence explode.

5. Discover What Works for Your Audience

When you post TikTok videos regularly, you’ll start to see which video formats work for your audience and which don’t. As those patterns become clear, lean more on your winning formats and less on the ones that don’t get traction.

By taking in feedback from the people that watch you, you’ll be able to invest your time in the kind of content that gets you the most returns which will compound your success.

Getting More Views on TikTok Takes Patience

Getting More Views on TikTok Takes Patience

As with most things in life, success when it comes to getting more views on TikTok takes patience. Keep refining your format, building partnerships, and posting. Over time, you’ll find that views start to trickle in more consistently and may eventually surpass your expectations.

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