It is estimated that there are around 175 million smart homes across the world, and this figure is expected to rise. Smart homes are fast catching on as more people appreciate the importance and convenience of using artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. Smart appliances also assist in improving the security of a home and save on energy costs. Unfortunately, some smart home appliances may not blend well with the existing interior design of a home. The good news is that there are several ways to make your home elegant while enjoying the benefits of intelligent and functional machines.

How to Make Your Smart Home Look Sleek And Stylish

Buy Stylish Pieces

Buy Stylish Pieces

You don’t have to be stuck with the frumpy designs of appliances for your smart home. Fortunately, there are several options out there that are suitable for the décor and style of your house, including snazzy cameras, thermostats, locks, and routers. Designer Jennifer Fisher ( recommends getting pieces that blend with your own passions and style. For example, color is a major consideration in-home devices. If your color tone is predominantly pastel shades, then buying gadgets with dark and bright hues will clash with your home’s finish. Study the color wheel to get an idea of which hues complement each other before picking up a smart home device.

It is also a good idea to select a gadget that is not only functional but easy to look at as well. To illustrate, routers and hubs must be placed in central locations for optimal performance. That also means seeing them every day because they are in plain view. While shoving them in a cabinet might be the easiest solution, their performance might be affected. On the bright side, there are routers and hubs that are stylishly designed and trendy, and you might want to display rather than hide them.

Keep The Clutter Away

Keep The Clutter Away

Although it’s nice to see those elegant devices sitting on top of your sideboard, tangled cables and wires that are running across the room hurt your eyes. Sometimes, the cords are unavoidable, but you can bundle or reel wires, sneak them through holes in furniture, or get a basket cord holder that you can put under a table or TV stand. Hide them in colorful braided yarns, or put them in boxes that are similar to the material of your floor or wall. It is also possible to staple wires under a table or add hooks on the wall at the back so that they do not get tangled and stay out of sight.

An increasingly popular component of an energy-efficient and security-conscious smart home set-up is automated solar shading. Mains powered and battery-operated electric blinds can be integrated with any smart home system and can also be concealed within pockets recessed above ceiling level so that when not deployed, they simply disappear out of sight.

It is not difficult to fit smart devices and gadgets that not only work well but are also great to look at. By choosing stylish equipment that complements your interior design, and removing clutter, your home is not only functional but also elegant.

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