The Windows 10 (Windows 10 Technical Preview) is currently accessible for download on selected Lumia phones including the Lumia 730, 830, and 630. It’s a test programming, so there are a lot of bugs. On the other hand, on the off chance that you are ready to take a danger so as to have early dibs on the most recent software, here is a simple guide to follow for doing this:

1. Introducing Windows 10 Preview may block your telephone and void guarantee. So consider it, and after that settle on a choice.

2. In the event that you imagine that Windows 10 is justified regardless of the danger, visit and select for the Insider system.

3. Download Windows Insider application on your qualified Lumia handset (Download Link).

4. Login with the Microsoft record utilized for selecting the Insider system.

5. The application will offer you ‘Insider Slow’ or ‘Inside Fast’ upgrade choice. Quick implies that you’ll get redesigns when Microsoft takes off overhauls. The individuals who pick Slow will get those redesigns a couple of days after the fact. So essentially, there’s more hazard included in introducing Fast upgrades.

6. Once, it is setup go to the setting and start “checking for updates”

7. Depending on the method for updating your phone’s software, it will update single or twice before installing the Windows 10.

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