Earlier this week, Samsung discharged a refresh to the Bixby application for its Galaxy S8, S9, S10, Note 8, and Note 9 smartphones that at long last tends to something we’ve been requested since Bixby’s presentation: the capacity to locally reconstruct the equipment button in favor of a Samsung phone to accomplish an option that is other than simply launch Bixby.

That’s correct, you would now be able to utilize the Bixby button to launch any number of applications, for example, the camera, Twitter, Gmail, Google Maps, or anything you desire. In any case, lamentably, Samsung is obstructing the capacity to utilize it for the Google Assistant or other remote helpers, similar to Microsoft’s Cortana or Amazon’s Alexa. For that, regardless you’ll have to depend on an outsider app.

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Here’s the means by which to remap the Bixby button to something more useful

  • Make sure your Bixby Voice application is up-to-date. You can check inside the settings area of the application itself or through Samsung’s Galaxy Apps store. You’ll should be on adaptation or later for this to work.
  • Launch Bixby Voice and tap the three vertical dots on right half of the screen. Snap the Settings option.

bixby button change

  • Scroll down to Bixby key and tap to open the configurations option.

change bixby button

  • Here you have an alternative to set the key to open Bixby on one press and an optional capacity on a double press, or the other way around. Pick which choice you incline toward and after that tap the secondary function to pick which application to launch. Note that you can’t completely disable the Bixby button; it must be mapped to either a single or double press.

change bixby button 2

  • You can launch a particular application by tapping the gear-piece wheel on the right. Or on the other hand you can program a Bixby routine to run when you press the button.
  • As you’ll see when you go to the application choice screen, there’s no real way to locally launch the Google Assistant with the Bixby button. To make that work, you’ll have to depend on an outsider application — the people over at XDA Developers have made one and assembled ventures on the most proficient method to make it work. Note that you’ll need to sideload the application, which accompanies some security dangers, so continue at your own risk.

That’s the long and short of it — you presently have somewhat more power over what the equipment buttons on your phone do. Ideally, Samsung will improve this later on and take into consideration local help of Google Assistant and the capacity to completely disable propelling Bixby altogether. However, for the time being, the button is marginally more practical than previously.

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