An Earthquake of 7.5 size struck in Nepal and East-North of India on 25th of April. This earthquake lead to gigantic obliteration regarding human lives, properties and commercial centers in Nepal. It is accounted for that more than 900 individuals lost their lives in this common disaster and a few harmed. However an early alarm of Earthquake can help you in sparing numerous lives. Here is one such application which will alarm you when there is an ourbreak of Earthquake all around the globe right on your Smartphone.

The earthquake information is generally recovered from the USGS (United States Geological Survey) site, which likewise measures huge earthquakes around the globe. There are truly a couple of applications yet the application named Earthquake Alert for Android telephones and Earthquake Map and Alert for iOS clients are two most famous applications which as of now have a huge number of downloads on its separate stores. This can see size 1.0+ from the US and extent 4.5+ from over the world.

earthquake app for alert

Highlights of the Application

  1. Separate tabs for guide and records last quake upgrades far and wide.
  2. Map with greatness subtle elements.
  3. USGS site subtle elements.
  4. Satellite Map view.
  5. Perfect with all gadgets including spending plan smartphones.

Download The App On Android & iOS

Below are the links for both Android and iOS Phones through which you can download and install the Earthquake Alert App on your smartphone device:

Snap here to download Earthquake caution for Android Phones

Snap here to download Earthquake Map and alarms for iOS Users

An early recognition of such a huge common disaster can spare many lives. Tell us if you are getting any trouble in utilizing these applications as a part of your comments! Also Do not forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for new and fresh updates daily.

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