Like all business owners, you’re well aware of the importance of a website. Specifically, you know that your online presence can make or break your company. Case in point, 83% of shoppers research businesses online before shopping in person.

But the real question is, which types of websites would serve your company best? Fortunately, you’ll learn the answer by reading this guide.

Below, we list 6 crucial types of business websites that you need to know about. You may discover that your company can benefit from several of these websites. Keep reading to learn more about your website options.

1. Branding/Brochure Websites

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A branding website doesn’t sell services or products directly. It’s an informational site that’s meant to familiarize your audience with your brand. These are very useful for advertising in-person services, such as automobile repairs.

The sites themselves are little more than landing pages, with just a little information about a company or product. Some companies use these websites to popularize new product lines.

2. Lead Generation Websites

Most companies use their main website for lead generation, among other tasks. But if you have an eCommerce or blog site, other tasks might take priority. This limits the success of your lead generation efforts.

That’s why some companies use an additional site exclusively for lead generation. Often, these websites include informative resources like white papers and case studies.

3. Support Websites

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Online support is another typical feature of multifunctional websites. But, like lead generation, this feature may be more successful as a separate site.

You can upload all of your company’s FAQs and other support information to your support site. This site can feature live chat support and customer forums full of questions and answers. You might also consider recruiting help from third-party support services.

4. eCommerce Websites

eCommerce websites focus on selling products and services directly. However, these sites often include blog content and other features to attract more customers.

In fact, the setup, features, and overall user-friendliness of the site are very important for eCommerce success. You should definitely hire a WordPress website development company when designing a website for eCommerce.

5. Content Publishing Websites (Blogs)

Content Publishing Websites

Blogs and news sites are used primarily to publish content. These could be affiliate blogs, which publish sales pitches to sell items. Alternatively, other blogs profit from PPC ads.

In order for these sites to succeed, they must publish high-quality content several times per month. General SEO and UX optimization are important, too.

Which Types of Websites Will You Choose?

Have you decided which types of websites are right for you? If not, keep this guide bookmarked for reference. Take your time, consider these options, then choose wisely.

Next, learn which user-friendly features you must include on your website. Or, discover the most important factors to consider when creating a WordPress website. Get these and other related tips by reading our Web Development blog.

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