Desktop or Laptops have become part of our personal as well as professional life. We use them for our entertainment and for many other purposes like job work, school work, etc. We are now totally dependent on our computer for doing many different tasks like we use internet, play games, entertainment, work and much more. We mostly use USB devices  (Pendrives/ Flash drives) to exchange data between two or more computers. These drives are portable and can store large amount of data. Sometimes, we need to keep our data safe and protect it from misuse by others and keep protected. In this article, i  am going to explain the methods to put password on usb pendrive.

There are various methods to apply password on pendrives, but here i am going to share two methods of protecting your Pendrive with password:

#Method 1 – BitLock Encryption

Bitlock Encryption is the manual method provided by Windows to protect our USB drive. Each time you insert the pendrive you have to enter the bit lock to open the pendrive and access the files.

Steps To Encrypt USB Pendrive using BitLock

Step.1- Insert your USB drive into Computer.
Step.2- Right click the USB you want to Encrypt.
Step.3- Select turn-on Bitlock from the Menu.
Put Password On USB Pendrive
Step.4- Check the box in front of  ‘Use a password to unlock the drive’.
Put Password On USB Pendrive and protect
Step.5- Click on next button after entering a password.
Step.6- Next wizard is to save and print Recovery key in case you forgot your password.
Put Password On USB Pendrive with bitlocker
Step.7- click on the “Next” button and drive encryption will start.
bitlocker drive encryption Put Password On USB Pendrive
Step.8- After the encryption is complete, click on the “close” button.

#Method 2 – Wondershare USB Drive Encryption

“Wondershare USB Drive Encryption” is the application used to encrypt the USB pendrive and allows you to use a password  to encrypt and  decry-pt the USB. This software also allows you to make a secure area on your drive and you can protect your whole drive.

Steps To Encrypt USB Pendrive Using Wondershare.

Step.1- Download and install “Wondershare USB Encryption software”.
Step.2- Double-click its icon to Run the Program.
Step.3- Insert your Pen Drive into your computer.
Step.4- Select your drive you want to encrypt from the list of USB.
wondershare usb drive encryption Put Password On USB Pendrive
Step.5- Select the Amount of volume you want to encrypt and you can also select full amount.
wondershare installingn Put Password On USB Pendrive

Step.6- Click  on  Install Button.

Step.7- Enter a user name and Password for Encryption.
wondershare account information Put Password On USB Pendrive
Step.8- Click OK to create secure Area.
Step.9- After progress click OK.
So those are some easiest and popular ways to Put Password On USB Pendrive and protect it from another person. If you know any other method to keep your USB Drive protect with password then must share with us in comments !!
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