Traffic is the most important thing for blogs or websites. With the increasing of websites over the internet, there is a huge competition. So the blog/website having good traffic can only survive in this world. Many new bloggers quit using blog agter 2-3 months only because of lack of traffic. In this post, i am going to discuss various methods to Increase Referral Traffic to Blog. Also see – Learn how Top Bloggers make Money
increase referral traffic to blog

1. Facebook and other social networking sites

Facebook is the main and best source to get referal traffic for your blog or website. There are alot of groups where huge audience is found. Try to share your content in facebook groups.

Another way is to make page for your website and share it to get more and more likes and link that page with your blog posts. Networked Blog facebook app is one of the best apps used to link facebook page to blogger. This will increase huge traffic to your blog.

Also there are many more social networking sites where you can share blog/website like Twitter, Digg, Reddit, LinkedIn etc to increase Referral Traffic to Blog.

2. Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the another nest choice for the increment of traffic. Google   Adword is organised by google and which is used to share your blog or website. You ads will be displayed in search results and other websites. You can also use Bing ads to get US audience.

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3. Blog commenting

Blog commenting is the another best way of getting traffic to your blog or website. You have to do comment on others blog posts and share link at the bottom. More interesting the comment will be more visitors will come to your website.
Use commentluv and keywordluv blogs for commenting.

4. Guest Posting

Guest posting is the another best way to Increase Referral Traffic to Blog. In guest posting, you need to write posts for high rank blogs and provide your website link there in the author bio. People will see that link and comes to your site.

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  2. I loved this post. I read your articles fairly often and you never fail to
    disappoint. I shared this on my twitter and my followers enjoyed it!
    Well done

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