Entertainment is to humans as water is to life, especially these days due to the social distancing chronicles. Ever since the lockdown – different reports from renowned institutions showed an increase in the decline of mental health and many people. There were lots of calls made to the national helpline for various related reasons.

To make a long story short – how can we, the ‘social’ animals, not socialize and be okay with it?

The answer is simple – a good cable package. The entire idea of socializing is to be able to observe others, hear them talk, and see them move around – guess how can you do so? By watching TV! The moment you feel like talking to someone yourself you can always call a friend either online or offline. Internet, TV, and phone have literally made everyone’s life easier and boosted happiness in those who felt lonely. Watch a sitcom, comedy movie, have a private EDM party, learn to cook something new, play games online, or call your friends all with the help of Spectrum bundle deals.

It comes with a double and triple play as well so the plans can be flexible as per your pocket, intent, and need. However, if you are not sure of my choice – here’s a step-by-step guide on how to find cable providers that would be great for you.

How To Find Cable Providers In Your Area?

Step 1: Understand what you need

Understand what you need

Figure out the MBs and number of channels that you need or don’t need. If you don’t stay at home as much or are not that keen on too many channels – you can go for a lighter bundle deal but if you think of cable as your only friend then go for the gold package. You can also get particular channels as add-ons once you have decided on the number, genre, and channel names.

Step 2: Research the internet & ask around

Great, you decided on the quality and quantity – now you should research all the packages from different providers to see which one is worth your investment and time. Gather up information about each package you like. Ask around in your friends’ circle as well as in your neighborhood to see which service provider turned out to be their savior in reality and not just in ads.

Step 3: Compare packages to choose what suits you best

Compare packages to choose what suits you best

By this step, you should have at least 3 cable packages in your mind. Make a list that has their prices, data-caps, security, and related offers as well as any other perks or benefits that might be thought of like the pros – however, don’t forget to make a list of cons as well to be mindful while deciding.

Step 4: Check their digital footprint

Once you have decided on the brands you should also check their social presence. Go and check their trust pilot reviews, google reviews, and Facebook reviews. See how they interact with their customers and if the customers are leaving too many angry comments on their social handles. Always try to read through the lines to be sure of a brand.

Step 5: Find the cable provider in your area

It doesn’t matter if Timothy living 2 blocks from you have the service provider that you like and want – sometimes a provider might not offer their services even a block across the street. Thus, it is important to check for the providers that actually offer their services in your area.

Step 6: Check your pockets!

You know what you want, now! You also know what is actually available to you, great. But do you have as much in your pockets to actually go for the very package of your choice? If yes, you can skip this step – if not, then, maybe settle for a package that is closest to what you want as well as what you NEED in the amount you can afford it in.

Step 7: Talk to their customer service

Call the decided package’s customer service and remember to ask all the important questions beforehand. You need to ask the representative about any buyout options and how to switch package if you ever want to in the future. You also need to ask about any taxes and hidden payments that might surprise you later on.

You also need to ask how to cancel your subscription, right away. Most companies offer a trial period but if you’re unsure whether the company on call provides it or not – then just … ask them!

Step 8: Cancel your current subscription

Cancel your current subscription

This is important, now, if you already have a cable provider but you just can’t tolerate their subpar services anymore – you need to call and subscribe to a new provider before canceling on your current one. Now you must be thinking why should I do that, right?

Well, it will save you the boredom of having to wait for a new one before switching completely.

Step 9: Enjoy the new cable provider’s services!

Congratulations, you have the new provider of your choice handling your entertainment budget and quality – at the same time. Watch whatever you want and however, you want. Connect with your friends, family, and lovers for as long as you want!  Talk to them, gossip about Roshel, backbite against Hank, admire each other’s humor and beauty, sing together online, or maybe kill a few to win PUBG. Just breathe, enjoy, meditate, and learn something new.


Now that you know how to find cable providers – you should check them and their services thoroughly throughout the trial period. Just because you liked them doesn’t mean that they are off the hook! You still need to keep an eye out for anything that might cause you a problem or two in the future. A good way to check a provider is to see how their customer service treats you. Does it have 24/7 customer service on paper or is it the reality too? Do they actually listen to what you have to say or do they just tell you to turn it on and off? You get what I mean, right?

Best of luck!

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