If you buy an Apple’s product such as iPhone, iPad or iPod, you have to make some efforts in order to add music or videos to it. iTunes is the officially trusted software/ app by Apple for transferring songs and videos from your computer to iPhone. Another way is to buy that from the iTunes app from your iOS device.

And its not wrong that iTunes is a good way to buy and organize your music library, but sometimes you just don’t want to spend money on that. So which are the iTunes alternatives? You will probably be surprised, but there are actually more than one way to add music/ videos on your iPhone without using iTunes!

#1. Cloud Services

There are some free, huge name cloud benefits that will give you a chance to transfer your music accumulation to play on your iPhone, on or disconnected from the net, and I’ll be covering three of them underneath before we get to different alternatives.

Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon also has a cloud music administration that works with your iPhone called Amazon Cloud Player. On the other hand, not at all like Google’s offer for 20,000 tunes, Amazon just permits a measly 250 melodies from your own music gathering to be transferred to the cloud. After that, you need to pay $24.99 every year for up to 250,000 melodies. This does exclude MP3s bought from Amazon, however, which are allowed to keep in the cloud player.

To transfer your music to the cloud, you can utilize their Cloud Player desktop application. You can download the Amazon Cloud Player for your iPhone in the iOS App Store.

One noteworthy disadvantage is that in the event that you need to buy any music, you need to visit Amazon’s site utilizing the Safari web program. You can’t buy MP3s by means of the Cloud Player application. Yet, on Amazon’s site, you can skim the adequate library of more than 20 million tunes and collections.

Once foreign made or downloaded, your tunes are promptly transferred to the Amazon cloud, where they can then be played through the Amazon Cloud Player application, and they work logged off also.

You can get the full summary on elements and estimating here. Presently, you should do nothing more than sign into your Amazon record to begin.


In the event that you store your music accumulation on Dropbox, you needn’t bother with whatever other applications to play the records. Simply go to your Dropbox account and select whatever melody you wish to listen. The tune will naturally play in the web program.










You can likewise leave the browser and open different applications or explore to anyplace on the gadget and the music won’t quit playing! (I’m taking a gander at you, YouTube.) If you would prefer not to utilize your program, you can download the free Dropbox application and play your music there, as well. It’s a bit smoother than utilizing the program furthermore proceeds with playback when you leave the application.












Another pleasant feature is the capacity to “star” songs or gatherings of songs for offline play. Dropbox is a super simple approach to get new tunes onto your iPhone and play them anyplace, at whatever time. If you could make playlists, I might never require another music player again.

#2. iTunes Alternatives

Try not to need to utilize any of the huge administrations? Here are a couple programs you can use set up of iTunes to exchange music from your PC to your iPhone.

CopyTrans Manager for Windows

In case you’re a Windows client, there’s a free program called CopyTrans Manager that can completely supplant iTunes and calms you of some of its basic inconveniences. The freeware takes into consideration on-the-go alters, move and customize augmentations to your library, and can be replicated to a blaze drive for administration on numerous PCs.

CopyTrans Manager likewise exchanges your iTunes library to its own music player. This is awesome for individuals who as of now have a bundle of music on iTunes and are apprehensive about losing those melodies by utilizing another administration.

As of now, CopyTrans is accessible for PCs running Windows 7, XP and Vista, however will most likely work in Windows 8, as well.

Media Monkey for Windows

Media Monkey is another free media player for Windows PCs. Once introduced, Media Monkey will examine your PC for sound records and consequently add them to the library. You can likewise adjust your iPhone to Media Monkey and keep away from iTunes by and large. The system uses additional items and has a cluster of adaptable skins and elements.

You can download the free form or settle on the Gold version, which keeps running for $24.95. The Gold version incorporates a couple of additional items like the programmed library coordinator and speedier CD copying rates. In the event that you would prefer not to purchase Gold altogether, you can likewise get a free duplicate by finishing an offer with one of Media Monkey’s accomplices (Apple, Gamefly, GAP).

Media Monkey just as of late included similarity with Apple items, however its got all the components of iTunes and then some. Check their rundown to check whether your gadget is perfect.

#3. Free Apps (Non-Jailbroken)

Try not to need to disturb a PC by any means? These applications can help you deal with your music specifically from your iPhone.

iBolt Downloader & Player

iBolt Downloader & Player hopes to protect you from iTunes by offering a simple approach to download melodies from the web and store them on your iPhone.

Once the app is installed you can use the internal browser to find a place that offers free downloads (like last.fm, for example). Just click on the download link and download the song to your phone and the iBolt player.

iBolt gives you a chance to make and oversee playlists, and you can download melodies out of sight while running different applications. There’s likewise an ace versionavailable for $0.99, which evacuates promotions and undesirable sidetracks.

MP3 Music Downloader Free

MP3 Music Downloader is another free application in the iTunes store that issues you the opportunity to download MP3s straightforwardly onto your iPhone right from the program.

You can edit song names and add them to playlists, and there are no limits or download restrictions.

You can include songs straightforwardly from your iPhone’s iTunes library into the player, which is super helpful. The application additionally accompanies an auto mode which includes a cluster of motion based capacities. It is include bolstered, yet you can uproot promotions by purchasing the professional form for $0.99.

#4. Cydia Tweaks for Jailbroken iPhones

For the terrible young men and gals with jailbroken iPhones, here’s a decent rundown of magnificent Cydia changes that can import music specifically onto your gadget.


Scaffold is an amazing Cydia application that permits you to import music and features to your media library right from your telephone. No compelling reason to connect to a PC or sync with iTunes.

Any media record that you have on your iPhone can be imported into your media library. In the event that companions send you songs through email or on the off chance that you download some music from Dropbox, you can utilize Bridge to add them to your iPhone’s music library in seconds.

Scaffold is accessible for $1.99 from the BigBoss Repo. It obliges iOS 5 or 6 and is good with all iDevices.


iFile is a complete document chief that uses root access to move and customize records onto your gadget. You can include any kind of record PDFs, motion pictures, iWork documents, and, obviously, all your music.


You can likewise send documents by means of Bluetooth or duplicate them from your Dropbox account. iFile is an unquestionable requirement have for force clients and is $4.00 in the BigBoss Repo.

In the event that you would prefer not to spend the cash, there is an iFile elective methodyou can experiment with.


MewSeek is a document chief and music application that you can discover in the Cydia store. With MewSeek you can pursuit, stream, and download music more than a Wi-Fi or 3G association.

What separates this application from the others is its capacity to add downloaded songs to the inner music library. The various applications use separate libraries for the songs you download, driving you to about-face and forward to include songs and make playlists.

On account of this great element, MewSeek is the priciest application on this rundown at $4.99, yet in the event that you anticipate utilizing it often its justified, despite all the trouble. MewSeek is good with iOS 4, 5 and 6.

#5. Gushing

Obviously, a standout amongst the most advantageous approaches to “include” music to your telephone is through a spilling music player. Pandora, TuneinRadio, Rdio, and Spotify are a couple of prevalent music applications that let you stream music on your iPhone.

Simply sign up for any of these free administrations and start listening to new music in a flash. The free forms of the vast majority of these applications do accompany irregular advertisements, however they can be evacuated with a paid application update or month to month membership.

Furthermore, bear in mind about YouTube, either. The application and the site are both really useful for discovering new, old, and elusive music and playing it wherever and at whatever point you need. You will be unable to store those songs on your iPhone, yet you do have entry to an apparently boundless media library on the go.

Know some other approaches to download or exchange music to your iPhone without iTunes? Have you attempted any of these applications or projects as of now? Tell us in the remarks segment beneath.

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