Are you tired of your nosy friends, who don’t respect your privacy? Do you want to hide your personal photos on Android? If yes, then look no more.

Now, for many of us, WhatsApp is more than a messaging app. It’s personal. And we don’t want others to invade our privacy. Right? So what do we do, we lock it.

But even if you lock WhatsApp with AppLock, its photos/videos still appear inside the gallery. Off course, you can even lock your entire gallery with apps like Gallery Lock but that will raise more eyebrows.

So what do we do?

Well Instead of locking your gallery (or Photo app in Lollipop), it’s better to hide WhatsApp media folders instead. And the good news is, you don’t need any 3rd party app for that. All you have to do is rename a folder.

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1. To begin with, you will require a file manager application to get to WhatsApp index in your SD card. On the off chance that you don’t have one, download ES File Explorer.

2. Launch the file manager App of your versatile. Discover your WhatsApp media folder utilizing the file manager. Normally it is found in Home >> SD card >> WhatsApp >> Media.

3. Under Media folder, you will see a sub-folder called ‘WhatsApp Images‘.

Rename this folder to ” .Whatsapp Images “ i.e. add a full-stop in front of the name. You can do so, by long pressing the folder and select the rename option.

You can do this to any folder, whose content you want to hide from the gallery. Including the WhatsApp video folder.


3. On the other hand you can make a .nomedia file inside this folder as opposed to renaming the folders. You can make new file by tapping on the Plus catch and select the file choice.

4. After Step 3 you can open your Gallery and see your Whatsapp folder get to be undetectable. On the off chance that it is still noticeable then you need to clear reserve for Apps in your Android gadget. You can clear reserve by Go to Setting >> App Manger or Apps >> clear store. Don.t neglect to kill shrouded files choice.

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How to Bring Back Hidden Stuff?

To acquire back the pictures your display, evacuate the full-stop ( . ) from the folder name. What’s more, that is it.

Be that as it may, in the event that you don’t see the WhatsApp Image folder, then you have to empower ‘show hidden files’ choice. To do that, open ES file explorer > swipe the screen from right to left > you will see a choice menu > search for show concealed file and turn it on.

Note: Since Android is based on Linux kernel, if you add the period in front of any folder’s name, the OS thinks this is important system file and hides it.

Hide WhatsApp Images & Videos in iPhone

If you are iPhone user then hide WhatsApp images by going to your Privacy Setting > photos > turn WhatsApp off.

So these are different method to hide WhatsApp image from gallery on android and iPhone easily. If you know any of the best way for this must share it with us. We will update it soon.

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