Do you know that your phone also has a feature of Safe-mode same as in windows or mac? Yes it’s right, in safe-mode the phone runs faster and we can troubleshoot two main problems by entering into Safe-mode by just keep on pressing sleep/power button and then hold Power Off the Device on screen and this will restart your phone to enter into safe-mode. 
Android Safe Mode
Android safe-mode
When the phone enters in the Safe-mode, You will see Safe-mode written in the lower left corner and the background wallpaper will get black. Entering safe-mode can troubleshoot two main problems:

  • If your Android phone crashes or freezes or get restart again and again then you should enter into safe-mode and delete the latest app that you installed which causes problem to the phone for not working correctly. Just go to Settings >> Apps to uninstall.
  • Whenever your Android phone gets slow or get hang sometime due to the great amount of Apps installed, widgets or themes then you should enter into Safe-mode where it will run faster and you are able to use Google apps like Gmail, Google Drive, Maps, Chrome, Calender and Much-more

To exit the safe-mode, Simply Shutdown and Restart your phone by pressing Power button and then your phone will get start again to the normal mode automatically. thus, Safe-mode is useful and even most necessary part of Android smartphones to get rid of any kind of trouble. But if you have facebook, Twitter or Dropbox then you have to login again into them after entering Safe-mode.
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