It’s rightly said that your phone is an extension of your hand. Your phone holds the key to your life like no other and hence it’s extremely important that you know how to safeguard your phone. However, in case you ever need to reset your iPhone to factory settings, you must know what happens when you reset your iPhone.

The phone is your companion for all the shopping needs of your life. It also is your constant companion be it watching movies, searching for something or someone, and even making social connections with anyone all around the big, wide world. But there are occasions when your phone might just play truant. Refusing to obey your orders and work as if it has a mind of its own leaving you with no option but to reset it. But worried what happens when you reset your iPhone?

Sometimes it happens that the phone stops responding to touch, or some developer-related problems crop up during the umpteenth update that your phone company releases for its users. During such times, it becomes important to reset your phone. You may also want to give it an annual cleaning to free up the storage space. This will help you explore those old days again when your device was brand new and free from all the clutter. But have you ever wondered what happens when you reset your iPhone?

It’s important to know what you are getting into when you reset your phone. We are here to take you through exactly what does reset all settings do to your iPhone during such times.

What happens when you reset your iPhone and What does reset all settings do?

what does reset all settings do

Primarily, what happens when you reset your iPhone is all the data that you have been creating on it either by downloading, saving, or sharing through your phone gets deleted from the device. The device goes back to its unhindered optimum performance, not bogged down by all the unwanted data stored on it.

What happens when you reset your iPhone is that the device goes back to the stage it was when you bought it off the shelves of the retailer. One very important thing to remember is that resetting your phone doesn’t clean out the operating system (iOS). And you do not damage the phone in any way by hitting the reset button even multiple times.

How to reset iPhone 8 and What happens when you reset your iPhone

How to reset iPhone 8

Suppose you own an iPhone 8 and if you are wondering, how to reset iPhone 8, hypothetically speaking all you do is follow these instructions:

For iOS users: Go to settings > General > Reset and your device will be as new as the day you had unboxed it.

You may need to do this on numerous occasions. We are sure you have faced one of these instances where you were forced to tear your hair in frustration not knowing what to do.

When do you reset an iPhone and What happens when you reset your iPhone?

Usually, the users are known to reset their devices when they are ready to sell off their device or exchange their old devices for a new model. Since Apple is famous for launching one flagship device every year, iPhone users are pretty keyed into upgrading their devices quite frequently.

Other instances where you might contemplate resetting your device and worry about what happens when you reset your iPhone are when some software upgrades provided by Apple messes up the internal workings of the device and there is no other alternative that you are left with trying to get it up and running.

Another situation you find yourself in where you might be forced to reset your device is when you have forgotten your passcode and do not have a computer to help get back into your device.

Resetting your device is also a solution when your device has slowed down due to overuse of storage or may be due to the presence of malware. If you are facing any of these situations mentioned above and are contemplating a device reset, you have come to the right place as here you are learning exactly what happens when you reset your iPhone.

We will help you with what to do when you are resetting your device and will help you with how to reset network settings on iPhone. We will also help you understand what does reset network settings do. We will then move onto what does reset all settings do while helping you with an example on how to reset iPhone 8.

But first, let’s begin with the commonsensical step before resetting your iPhone.

How to backup iPhone to Mac?

How to backup iPhone to Mac

Let’s say you have decided to reset your iPhone. One of the first things you need to do before hitting the reset button is to backup all your important data on your device. One way of doing it is backing it up on Mac. If you are wondering how to backup iPhone to Mac, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Connect your iPhone to a Mac either through a USB cable or via a Wi-Fi connection
  2. Select your iPhone in the Finder option on your Mac
  3. You will find an option called General in Finder button bar. Select that option.
  4. Now click on the “backup all data on your iPhone to this Mac” option and you are done.

You also have the option of encrypting your data and protecting it with a password. In case you choose to do that, select the option “Encrypt local backup” and then click on “Backup Now” and that will help you get all data safely across on another device. Now you wouldn’t need to worry about what happens when you reset your iPhone, as your data is backed up and even privacy protected.

Now that we have done a backup of your data and learned how to backup iPhone to Mac let’s understand how to reset network settings on iPhone. Network settings basically are the way you connect your device to a Wi-Fi or your cellular network to access the internet.

Sometimes you might find yourself unable to use mobile data or the Wi-Fi network to access the internet. When this happens usually it means there is some disruption in your device’s network settings.

What does reset network settings do?

What does reset network settings do

So, what does reset network settings do? It basically clears out all the data stored on your device with respect to frequently used Wi-Fi networks, cellular networks, and such information like your VPN (Virtual Private Network) or APN.

So how to reset network settings on iPhone?

Just follow the steps and you will be able to reset the network on your device:

  1. You have to visit the settings app
  2. Click on the General setting tab
  3. Keep scrolling down till you reach the Reset tab
  4. In that select the Reset Network Settings tab
  5. If it has a security lock then you will have to enter your passcode.

Doing this will get your iPhone to reset all its previous network settings. The phone might shut down and restart. If that happens, give it a moment and once its online choose the various Wi-Fi and cellular network options and you are good to go. Please note that all the website certificates that were manually chosen as trusted change from trusted to untrusted.

You may need to know what does reset all settings do. Apple gives its users the benefit of returning to the previous settings if resetting the phone doesn’t help you solve the issue you were facing. But for this option to work it’s important that you remember to save all previous settings by taking a backup.

While we are on the topic of what happens when you reset your iPhone, its equally important for you to know that in choosing the reset all settings option, you remove all settings including network settings, the layout of the Home Screen, locations settings, all your privacy settings, the keyboard dictionary along with details stored for the Apple pay cards. These details are reset to the default. However, it doesn’t delete any data or media from the phone.

Let’s discuss this with the help of an example. Let’s say we want to know how to reset iPhone 8. What would you be required to do? Apple has extensive material which helps us reset our devices. However, if you are somebody who absolutely doesn’t like going through pages and pages of words just to understand the DIY issues, then we have you covered.

Imagine your device (in this case iPhone 8) has stopped responding or you want to sell it off and before giving it away you want to ensure all your data is wiped clean from the device. That is when you will need to think about how to reset iPhone 8.

There are many kinds of reset. You either go for the Factory Reset or maybe you are confused between Hard and Soft Reset or a Master Reset.

Remember to back up your device (just scroll back up to refresh your memory about what we have covered in how to backup iPhone to Mac section).

The following steps will help you learn how to reset your iPhone 8:

  1. Click on the Settings and choose General
  2. Scroll down to the Reset tab
  3. Once you click Reset, you will be asked for your Apple ID and password.
  4. Once you do that the process to reset your device will start.

Now let’s understand what hard reset and soft reset options are. Hard reset is where all your data is erased from the device and your device goes back to the original factory settings. A soft reset is merely turning off your device and restarting it. In other words, rebooting your device. Do a soft reset in case of minor issues like when your device doesn’t respond or hangs.

A Master reset again puts your phone back into its mint condition. That is exactly like the phone that came out of the factory. Though a master reset deletes all the personal and stored data from your device like downloads, ringtones, visual voicemail, contacts, images and videos, it doesn’t touch the data stored on SIM card and SD card (memory card).

For performing the Master reset you have to follow the following steps:

Go to settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings

And this will get you a brand-new iPhone 8 as new as the day it came out of the factory.

So, finally, what happens when you reset your iPhone?

what happens when you reset your iPhone

Now that we have managed to help you take stock of the situation you will find yourself in when you need to reset your iPhone. We can go back to answering the question what happens when you reset your iPhone? Actually, speaking you are left with the same device you have come to love and use. But it is considerably lighter as all the apps that you had installed and all the data that you had created while using them are wiped clean from your device. Well, we are calling it lighter figuratively as it is only the storage on the phone that releases all the space.

You can begin a new journey with this phone. That is if you want to treat it as a new device. If you plan to go back to using it the way you were using before resetting it minus all the unwanted issues, then we are sure you have ensured you have all your data backed up and can easily go back to all the previous data re-installed on your device by connecting it to the computer.

What also happens when you reset your iPhone is that you get all the issues and niggles that tormented you back into the grave. This is because a reset not only tries to shelve these issues but also presents to you a fairly new version of the device.

And this is as per the advice of Apple technicians who recommend the occasional reset. Undoubtedly helping fix software errors at the same time help you worry less about the loss of personal data while trying to sell off the device or putting it up for an exchange. Hope this helped you understand what happens when you reset your iPhone fully and also helped you with other questions you might have regarding resetting your device.

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