Fashion blogs are loaded with thoughts and motivation; they keep you updated on everything identified with Fashion. Today we present to you this lovely rundown of most celebrated individuals from the blogosphere that have a fashion blog, and we prescribe you to follow them in 2016.

These best and popular fashion blogs and bloggers give you thoughts, as well as keep you updated with current news and happenings in Fashion world.

Along these lines, persuade prepared to be astounded with new extras, planner apparel, style guides and in vogue dresses.

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popular fashion blogs

#1. TheFashionGuitar

by: Charlotte Groeneveld-Van Haren


Charlotte from New York run this blog called The Fashion Guitar. She is a mother of two has been doing it for over four years. Her style of writing and fashion sense educates a great deal regarding her identity.

Before opening her blog, she was writing for fashion blogs and got the thought of opening her stuff. She doesn’t have a brand of herself, however she has worked with well known brands such as Jimmy Choo.

Visit Site: TheFashionGuiter

#2. Man Repeller

by: Leandra Medine


Leandra Medine began this fashion blog in 2010 and gave it the name Man Repeller. This blog has funniness turn in the greater part of the posts, so you will feel perusing and going to it over and over.

Man Repeller is “somebody who wears ‘stylishly over the top’s outfits that might bring about repulsing individuals from the opposite sex”. By Medine. Aside from being hilarious, this blog has some magnificent fashion articles also.

Visit Site: Man Repeller

#3. Lust For Life

by: Olivia Lopez


Lust for Life is a fashion blog that was dispatched in 2006, her originator Olivia Lopez has a sunny SoCal style, and she has been included in Elle, Teen Vogue and Barneys.

She’s a traveler and her articles on a few prominent website has secured her style from everywhere. You would love to see what does she have in her storeroom. It is one of the cool and popular fashion blogs.

Visit Site: Lust For Life

#4. 5 Inch And Up

by: Sandra Hagelstam


Sandra live in London and is a travel buff. Her blog 5 Inch And Up got its name because of her adoration for high stiletto.

She has all sort of dresses in her storage room, particularly the exciting one. An extremely sexy blog that has huge amounts of photos of her and the style is just about great.

Visit Site: 5 Inch And Up

#5. Harper and Harley

by: Sara Donaldson


Sara Donaldson has worked with mainstream brands like Gucci, Nike, Uniqlo, Swarovski and Harpers Bazaar. She is from Australia and a star in a Reality-TV Series called Fashion Bloggers.

After this TV Series, she got quite a bit of her acclaim and followers. She is a significant face and her reasoning of Black, White and Gray has turned her blog to a more up to date level. This site is an extraordinary motivation and destination for Fashion followers.

Visit Site: Harper and Harley

That is it, for the present about popular fashion blogs, I will be adding more to this rundown time to time, at this moment you can concentrate on these and on the off chance that you need to be a blogger like them then do read my blogging guide for 2016. Cheers!

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