(Best Premium WordPress Templates) Adsense optimization is an incredible approach to support your click-through rate, by building little points of interest which truly have any kind of effect. Things like situation of adverts and the extent of the promotions themselves are fundamental, despite the fact that it may appear like a unimportant matter. A few organizations have been striving to convey WordPress subjects which are enhanced to help your click-through rate. The trap is to get the ideal harmony in the middle of adverts and substance. The adverts must be available yet not unpalatable; the substance must in any case be above all else.

Adsense is by a long shot the simplest monetization system for a basic site, for example, blogs, specialty sites, magazine, news and discussions on the grounds that it doesn’t require any specialized information to setup and utilization. It is likewise the best paying CPC/PPC system du to its high ubiquity and high rivalry between publicists. We utilize it for colorlib too however it is not our primary wage in light of the fact that website admins, engineers and web originators are not ones who likes to click on the advertisements.

In the event that you have recently begun your own blog or are hoping to adapt it I exceptionally prescribe to utilize AdSense. In any case, on the off chance that you are from 3rd world nations (not going to name them) then this alternative won’t be for you on the grounds that you are not going to get affirmed unless your site really gets thousands or even a huge number of guests a day.

AdSense and SEO goes as one and you can get much higher CPC from natural activity that originates from Google than from social or direct movement on the grounds that natural movement is substantially more focused on. In that as a top priority you may need to check these amazing SEO well disposed WordPress topics.

Enough about AdSense itself in light of the fact that you are here searching for an AdSense Optimized WordPress topic and here you will locate the best ones. I kept out spammy looking topics that are fabricated to trap individuals to click on promotions and left those that are very much planned with incredible client experience and with a decent code base. Appreciate!

MH Magazine

MH Magazine is a modern and flexible WordPress magazine theme well suited for tech news, fashion, travel lifestyle, news or any other magazine style website. This theme features several widget areas to place your AdSense or other banner codes. MH Magazine theme is SEO friendly and that will help to grow your AdSense theme better than any other theme on this collection. This theme is highly customizable and it has 25 widget areas, several custom widgets, unlimited color options and much more. This theme is all you need to skyrocket your AdSense revenue while maintaining good user experience and clean design.


MH Newsdesk

newsdesk magazine Premium WordPress Templates

MH Newsdesk is a modern and dynamic WordPress themes with outstanding flexibility and powerfull features. The theme is great for news, magazine or other content rich websites. MH Newsdesk features a clean flat design and vibrant color scheme that makes it look novel. There are several banner spaces available on this theme that can be used for AdSense and other contextual ads. Developers have made sure theme is SEO friendly and fast to load thanks to its clean code base. MH Newsdesk is highly customizable and all changes can be done using WordPress Theme Customizer that allows live preview for all changes you make before you even save them.




On this theme collection we have included various different themes and Youit is different because you can use in for any niche magazine style website. This theme features everything you will need to increase your AdSense income in any niche. It has two banner spaces between grid style posts that are going to get a very high CTR because they look exactly like other posts block. Youit theme is well coded and it offers fast loads speed and also offers additional SEO benefit. The theme is fully responsive and would look stunning on any device. This theme is easy to setup and is well suited for those who have just started their online journey.


AdSense Pro Ultimate

Google Adsense can be an important source of revenue for many companies. However, a vast majority of websites have seen Low CTR (click through rates), a detrimental effect that could potentially cripple profit margins. Adsense Pro Ultimate is a WordPress theme that is designed to increase your page’s popularity, and attract more clicks. Adsense Pro Ultimate is a proven success, as it’s among the highest selling Adsense theme on WordPress. This product is dynamic and well designed. It positions ads strategically on your website, in places where visitors tend to click the most. Customers will see a vast improvement, as this theme manages to basically triple their income from advertisement.

In just a few moments, you can personalize your page and craft a unique look that is sure to increase views. Should you encounter any issue the non-stop theme technical support can be easily contacted. Adsense Pro Ultimate also comes with an Advanced Theme Options Panel, increasing user friendliness and accessibility. For those that are just starting out, the theme includes some very informative documentation. You will be able to read everything that you need to know about this theme. The interface is very intuitive, and it can be navigated by anyone. There is an awesome 5-tier dropdown menu, a custom CSS option, and a distinct section for the author biography. Adsense Pro Ultimate can highlight author comments, and edit the Footer Text. It has Favicon and tracking code integration, and it is compatible with WordPress 4 and above.



ViralPress is a clean and elegant grid style WordPress theme well suited for news sites, vlogs, humors site, blogs and much more. The theme features several areas for ads that are well suited for Adsense and other banner ads. ViralPress has strong social sharing integration to make your content to go viral. Theme comes with powerful yet easy to use theme options to change color scheme, customize layout, install analytics tracking, adsense code and make other changes. ViralPress is a great theme if you are looking to create social traffic driven website such as BuzzFeed, 9GAG and others.


Truemag: AD & AdSense Optimized Magazine

Truemag boasts ultimate monetization; at $55, you’d certainly hope so. In practice, the adverts do slip in and out, weaving between the content and edging into your peripheral vision. The theme is responsive, ensuring the presence of ads regardless of the device being used. It comes with two different skins, depending on the tone of the site you might want to either use light or dark. What’s more, the theme is compatible with WooCommerce – how’s that for ultimate monetization? Thankfully, for those who like tweaking the themes right at the source, the code has been properly written and conforms to W3C standards. In fact, most of the praise received is regarding their incredibly clean code. That makes a change from some other theme providers.


ProStore – Modern Magazine Theme

The developers don’t have that much to say about ProStore, but it certainly looks good from the live demo. The adverts are subtle and unobtrusive, but maybe that’s because they’re boxed out as a slightly lighter shade of grey with the words ‘advertisement’ in tiny blue text. In reality, an advert is a flashing and eye-catching picture, not just a different shade and minuscule lettering. The theme is fully responsive and compatible with WooCommerce, bbPress and BuddyPress, to name a few. It is retina ready; SEO optimized and will translate well into other languages. It’s unsure how these claims can be made about a text-less theme, but okay. This theme is only a few months old, but it has been regularly patched, showing that the developers do at least care about it.


Speak – Magazine WordPress Theme

While there doesn’t seem to be much pre-determined space for adverts, it’s obvious where they could go, which is a nice feature of the site. It’s not too crowded. It has a smooth, responsive layout  and is WordPress 4.1+ ready. It offers Aqua Resizer compatibility, for easy drag-the-edges resizing of pictures and other visual elements. It claims to support all ad sizes, which makes sense. One interesting feature is that they have designed a custom 404 page – dedication! It has great ratings on ThemeForest and is $40 overall. It seems a little bit like a free default WordPress theme, but it’s quite certain that would differ outside of the live demo environment, as far as compatibility and extra functionality goes.


New Standard

new standard -Premium WordPress Templates

New Standard is an innovative theme for blogs. It is designed to increase your page view count, and your revenue stream. It is one of the best products on WordPress, offering customers an impressive amount of useful features. If you wish to sample this theme, be sure to check out the live demo. New Standard is the ideal backdrop for your quality posts. It complements and enhances your content, focusing and retaining the reader’s attention.

It includes a Sticky Sidebar and an After Post Widget. You can use them in order to showcase popular posts, encouraging visitors to spend more time browsing your blog. You may also harness the massive potential of social media, by displaying your Facebook page. Charming and streamlined, the layout is optimized for online advertisement placement. For example, the sidebar’s width is 336px, making it easy to feature a sizable rectangle AdSense ad. In addition, this theme is designed around a mobile-first philosophy. It works great on tablets and smart phones.

New Standard offers 4 menu versions: Header, Navigation Bar, Footer Social Links, and Footer. You get to select which menu type will be used. In terms of customization, the options are plentiful. Customers can personalize website background ensuring that their website will be truly unique. New Standard allows clients to modify their site’s layout, colors, title, and logo, by accessing the Customizer. Three distinct page templates are implemented: No Sidebar, Normal, and Full Width. This results in more flexibility for the user. In order to attract more views, your site will offer multilingual support. The versatile Jetpack plugin can be incorporated, resulting in features such as infinite scrolling, Contact Form 7 and many widgets. The code is flawless and easy to read, given that any client can customize and alter it.



newspaper magazine Premium WordPress Templates
The “best newspaper theme” comes with a dazzling array of functions. In a bid by a theme developer to sound as if they don’t have anything to do with the internet, it is called Newspaper despite the fact that it has support for bbPress Forum, BuddyPress and WooCommerce. It uses white hat SEO practices and has a responsive layout. It’s compatible with Bootstrap and is running WordPress 4.1+. What’s more, for those who want to tweak it after purchase it includes the PHP, CSS and JS as part of the package. TagDiv’s offering to the world of AdSense optimized themes will set you back $55, but it sounds worth it from the customer reviews.


Magazine – Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme

As the industry standard goes, this is a responsive Bootstrap WordPress theme, SEO optimized, compatible with WooCommerce, AJAX and a huge variety of widgets. Of course it is, though; you can assume everything has these features these days, or no one would buy it. Who’s going to scroll sideways on their iPhone to finish the end of the sentence? The features list is almost to long to scroll down, never mind about read – highlights include unlimited fonts and colours, child theme support and 7+ page templates with support from 8 custom widgets which have been rewritten especially for Magazine. Is it another theme which makes it sound like your website will be a printed publication? Yes. Does it look worth $55? Actually, yes.



truepixel Premium WordPress Templates
TruePixel is built on MyThemeShop’s trademark framework, which is brand new and was released not long back. The benefits include improved loading time on the page and with the widgets, amongst other nice bits of information including the fact that it has been handwritten with HTML5 and CSS3, and cleaned up for added readability. The site, of course, is responsive and Adsense optimized as well as SEO optimized and every other kind of optimisation you can think of. In short, it is optimal. It is a very clean and minimalistic theme, and costs only $35. MyThemeShop also offers the chance to get all 67 of their themes for $67. I don’t expect many people buy just one.



Well, with this theme they certainly know how to appeal to the lazy Adsense user. They say “No more tinkering around with confusing ad inserts and theme editing. The ad spaces are all widgetized, meaning you can just click and save for ad placements”. Sounds wonderful. Written in HTML5 and CSS3, this responsive, optimized theme will stay fresh for a few years yet. It has social media compatibility and supports unlimited colours and backgrounds.  They’ve even added some nice extra features to the back-end of the theme, allowing you to fully customise your own dashboard to make it “prettier to look at”. The site is fast and SEO optimized, ensuring that after you’ve drawn your customer to the site you don’t bore them with waiting times. It costs $35, or comes as part of a pack of 67 for $67.



pinstagram elegant magazine Premium WordPress TemplatesPinstagram is a responsive, widget-ready, SEO-ready, multi-language, WordPress 4.1+ compatible theme. In short, it has everything that every other theme has too, making the most important questions regarding whether the person who is buying it actually likes how it looks. Or is that true? Well, Pinstagram actually claims to be loaded full of psychological trickery which forces readers to engage with the material. It is combined with Adwords optimization that sounds like a real demon of a theme. For $35 it makes it sound like you’d get that back the next day from Adsense. Or maybe that’s just psychological trickery. Anyway, it is a very nice looking theme so you wouldn’t be ‘losing money’ in the strictest sense of the term.



hotnews viral Premium WordPress Templates
This is a newspaper theme which is optimized for Adsense. It promises to skyrocket earnings, which would be an attractive concept if Adsense earnings didn’t almost entirely depend on how popular your site is in the first place… Anyway, maybe the typography, unlimited backgrounds, colours and responsive layout will help you get popular in the end so you can finally benefit from the Adsense perks. Built with HTML5 and CSS3, this theme is nice and freshly up to date. It was handwritten with clean code which must be one of the most important things there is, even if it is assumed to just be a load of nonsense under the surface. It’s an appealing theme to look at, with an appealing price of $35, or $67 for all 67 of the themes in MyThemeShop’s library.



Flick is a media orientated theme from the cut-price MyThemeShop. Despite their low prices, these themes come with exactly the same possibilities presented by the developers from other firms, save for WooCommerce, since it is to be expected they are too far in competition with WooThemes to want to pander to them. The theme is, like every other theme right now, Adsense optimized, featuring a responsive layout and a clean, customizable design. Gone are the days of those rigid designs which were not optimized for anything and provided only one font (Times New Roman). This is the new age, and this theme keeps up with that very well. For $35 or $67 for all themes from the developer, it’s definitely worth a try. You’re likely to see something you think is worth having.



This is a personal blogging theme which promises to “transform your average looking website into an absolute stunner”. I wouldn’t like to be the one to tell them that this actually looks exactly like an average looking website. No matter how optimized it is, it is a little bit dull to look at. And not in a passive way, in a way that makes you think this is actually just old looking and actively annoying. Maybe it’s the colours and pictures used on the demo theme, and if that is the case, there is the usual option to choose from unlimited colours and customize the theme so it is entirely unrecognizable in its original form. This theme would look a lot worse with ads on it, so that could hardly be called optimized. There isn’t even any space for them. This theme costs $35 or $67 as part of a pack of 67 other themes from MyThemeShop.


Meganews Responsive AdSense WordPress Magazine Theme

Meganews has a lot of features, and it doesn’t hesitate to tell you about them. It has a responsive design, drag and drop layout builder, multiple post layout, unlimited sidebars and colours, it is retina ready and has multiple post widgets. Now that’s over, let’s see what else it can do. Unlike the other ThemeForest themes I looked at earlier, this one is only compatible with bbPress, not the myriad other plugins advertised previously. There’s also no mention of Bootstrap which is a little worrying. It comes along with the WPML multilingual plugin, which opens up a literal world of opportunities to its owners and visitors. Combine this with a sneakily placed ad, and you’re onto a winner. This theme costs $45, and it seems like it might be alright. It’s hard to tell when every theme is running almost exactly the same specifications, though.


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