Don’t know how to submit blog to technorati? Well Technorati is the one of biggest blog directory and has great index of Blogs from around the world. Technorati not only index Blogs but also rank them and if your site is ranked top 10 under any category, you can expect some nice traffic. 

Today, we will see how we can submit blog to Technorati as it helps in fast indexing and ranking.

submit blog to technorati

Simple guide to Submit Blog to Technorati


The whole process is divided into 3 simple steps. 
Register > Submit site > Claim token. 

In this tutorial, We will explain all steps one by one. Do remember, try to put all the related categories and add a complete description to let people know what professional blog you are running. After all, your website in Technorati is just like a portfolio of your blog.

Claim your Blog

First of all, register for a free account at Technorati. Once you have registered, go to your account page and just add your blog under my claimed blog list (firetreat).


Click on claim and in the next page, add details about your blog. Most important part is of selecting the category. So use it wisely, else your blog will be listed in wrong category and you might miss a good quality traffic.

blogdetailstechnorati thumb How to Submit Blog to Technorati?
Technorati Filled Details
Once you are done adding categories and tags, click on the ‘proceed to next step’. You will receive an Email from Technorati along with claim token which you need adding in your blog for moving ahead with the blog claim. This ‘check claim process’ is done to verify that you are owner of the blog.

How Claiming blog in Technorati?

Once you have added your blog in technorati and the another process which is left is claiming your blog. Simply, visit your account page and click on ‘check claim’ below the blog you have added.
All you need to do is create new blog post along with the Technorati token you have received in your Email or you can find it again from check claim page. Make sure that your claim token also appears in feed. One mistake users make here is that they add token in existing published post and it do not work. The token should be appeared in new blog post. You can either create a post saying ‘Test post’ and add your token as body in text or simply when you are publishing new post, you can add token. Technorati use feeds for verifying the presence of claim token. Once the claim is done, you can edit post and remove technorati token text from it.
claimstatustechnorati thumb How to Submit Blog to Technorati?
Claim Status
Once done, click on the verify claim token for completing submit blog to technorati. It will usually take 2-3 days for seeing your blog in Technorati directory and this whole process usually takes 5-10 minutes and it is worth your time.
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