Read below to know about fixing Android Delayed Notifications.

As of late, notifications on my Android mobile were being delayed by up to 15 minutes, and once in a while didn’t contact me until the point that I open the application. It was very disappointing and I missed numerous dire messages. In any case, it turns out it was for the most part a blame on my end. As I was endeavouring to enhance my phone for better execution, I committed a few errors all the while.

On the off chance that you are likewise confronting a laggy Android smartphone causing delayed notifications, at that point there are a cluster of reasons why it might happen. In this post, I’ll list every one of the answers for delayed notifications on Android.

Quit utilising battery and smartphone enhancing applications

Most mobile and battery enhancing applications close all the foundation procedures to free up RAM and put less load on the smartphone. This may support your phone speed, however it will prompt delayed or no notifications from your applications.

A ton of these background processing sync information and convey notifications. When they are impaired, you would not have the capacity to get any updates from the introduced applications unless you open them or they have a component to consequently turn on.

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Try not to close background processes yourself

Following up to the above point, numerous clients jump at the chance to debilitate background processes from the Android settings to get a bit execution help. Try not to do it, in any event not for the applications from which you are expecting notifications, for example, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

You ought to likewise forgo assignment background applications that guarantee to totally close down the application when you close an application utilizing them. They additionally background foundation forms while shutting the application interface.

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Utilize Power Saver mode shrewdly

In the event that you have smartphone running Android Lollipop or more current working framework, at that point you should think about the Power Saver mode that causes you get more squeeze out of the battery.

More often than not, you are requested to turn on the battery saver mode when your battery goes underneath 15%, which is incredible for keeping your smartphone alive when you require it. In any case, Power Saver mode debilitates an imperative component of the smartphone i.e. information sync.

While Power Saver mode is empowered, no application will matches up information out of sight to keep you refreshed so you won’t get any notifications either. Try not to keep Power Saver mode empowered constantly, and just empower it on low battery when you are certain you are not sitting tight for an essential message.

Keep Wi-Fi empowered constantly

On the off chance that you just get notifications when you open the screen, at that point quite possibly your Wi-Fi gets incapacitated when your phone rests. It’s useful for battery sparing, yet awful for information adjusting.

Here’s the manner by which to settle it:

  1. Go to smartphone Settings and tap on Wi-Fi.
  2. Presently tap on the primary menu at the upper right corner and select Advanced from it.
  3. On the following page, guarantee “Keep Wi-Fi on amid rest” choice is set to Always.

This should keep Wi-Fi on when the screen goes dark and show notifications in time.

Settling delayed notifications for a specific application

In the event that the notifications are being delayed for a specific application and not the greater part of the applications, at that point there are different approaches to settle it. In the first place, ensure it is legitimately synchronising information out of sight finished portable information association:

  1. Go to smartphone Settings, tap on Data Usage.
  2. Select the particular application, ensure “Limit application foundation information” include is killed.

On the off chance that that is not the issue, at that point you can likewise take a stab at erasing store of the application.

  1. Go to Apps from the phone Settings and open up the individual application.
  2. Tap on “Clear Cache” catch to flush the store.
  3. You can likewise tap on “Clear information” catch to erase every one of the information of the application.

Be that as it may, this will likewise erase all the application inclinations and spared information unless it is moved down in the cloud.

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Lessening Android Heartbeat Interval

All of the informing applications in your smartphone utilise Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) administration to send push notifications. Your smartphone keeps a steady association with this support of guarantee you get auspicious notifications.

For this reason, your phone will send a system bundle called a “Heartbeat” after like clockwork to guarantee you are associated and ready to get notifications. The bundle interim is 15 minutes for Wi-Fi association, and 28 minutes for versatile information association.

Presently there is a small issue, most switches and transporters detach from a latent port following couple of minutes of inertia, as a rule 5 minutes. So in the event that you won’t get a notification for 5 minutes, at that point your association will be ended. What’s more, you won’t get any notifications until another bundle (pulse) is sent and an association is made.

To tackle this issue, we essentially need to accelerate the recurrence of the pulse bundle. What’s more, for this reason, you can utilize the free application Push Notifications Fixer. After establishment, you will see two choices, Mobile pulse interim, and Wi-Fi pulse interim.

Both of these alternatives will be set to 5 minutes, which is impeccable as most associations as a rule timeout following 5 minutes or more. Tap on the Apply catch to apply this pulse interim and you should begin getting notifications in time.

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Expanding the pulse interim effects your general battery timing. Notwithstanding, the effect is exceptionally least and I didn’t perceive any recognizable contrast in battery time in the wake of introducing this application. On the off chance that you need to change back to default pulse interim, either uninstall the application or set the default interim appropriate from the application.

Consummation musings

Push Notifications Fixer settled my concern of delayed notifications. Also, I figure I was a trick to utilize Power Saver include all the time with expectations of getting more up time. The previously mentioned arrangements ought to be sufficient to take care of your concern of Android delayed notifications. Do share which of these strategies worked for you.

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